How to complete the travel certificate in the TousAntiCovid app

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Since the establishment of containment, each exit must be justified. Compulsory travel certificates are now accessible directly from the application to fight the TousAntiCovid coronavirus developed by the French government.

What are the different travel certificates

The French government has just restored national containment. Since Friday, October 30, the French must justify each of their trip by presenting a certificate. These documents can be downloaded and printed directly from the French government website at the following address:

These documents can be completed by hand or filled in directly from the mobile version of the website of the Ministry of the Interior. This second, more practical option will automatically generate a QR code that it will then suffice to present to the police in the event of a control.

Authorized exits during confinement

To fight against the risk of saturation of intensive care services, the government has just decreed for the second time confinement throughout the country. However, as last spring, certain outings are authorized.

  • Coming and returning from work
  • Shopping (only basic necessities such as food or medicine)
  • Take and collect your children from school. Continuity of education is ensured by schools, colleges and high schools. Only universities are closing their doors.
  • Go out to provide assistance to vulnerable and precarious people
  • Go to a judicial or administrative summons
  • Go out for a maximum of one hour within a maximum radius of one kilometer around the home (fresh air, jogging, taking your pet out). Attention team sports are prohibited. However, parks, gardens and beaches remain open.

It is also possible to make an appointment at the town hall, the bank, the Post Office, the CAF, the Health Insurance or the Pôle Emploi. Please note, the certificates differ depending on the type of trip.

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