How to compare files in Notepad ++?

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If for some reason you pretend compare two or more files in Notepad ++You should know that this is a perfectly feasible procedure. After all, many users are faced with this dilemma and want to know what the differences are between documents.

The first thing to keep in mind in this regard is, of course, that this is a particularly useful tutorial in certain cases, for example when you want to compare two or more programming files of different versions. Thanks to this, you can check if there are any extra lines, a missing word in Notedpad ++, etc.

On top of that, it is a really easy trick to apply and understand because, with the solution that we are going to give you, it is possible to see each of the corrections or different with a particular color that identifies them.

Compare files in Notepad ++

Now, if you have tried it for yourself, you already know that comparing files in Notedpad ++ cannot be done if we stick only to the program’s own characteristics. Fortunately, we are able to tell you that there is a free add-on, called Compare, which gives us this release.

Basically it was designed for this purpose, so let’s see how to use it.

  • Open Notepad ++ Notepad
  • Find the plugin manager
  • There, try to find the Compare or Compare plugin, or download it from this link
  • Install this plugin
  • Once installed, open one of the two files you want to compare
  • In one of them, open the Compare or Compare add-on, telling the system which to use
  • compare files in Notepad ++ 2

    Get a personalized experience

    Once you have this add-on, you will notice that it has several cool functions like Set as first to compare, Compare directly, Remove all comparisons, etc.

    Each of these functions has a purpose and also a keyboard shortcut, so you should spend a few minutes on each of them to get to know them in depth and, thus, to know how much they can help you.

    On top of that, you can do quite a custom configuration of the plugin, indicating how much transparency you want for the files, the default colors for each difference, etc.

    Were you able to compare files in Notepad ++ with this plugin?

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