How to combine multiple CSV files into one Excel workbook

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If you have multiple CSV files and we wish combine these in one book of Excel, it is possible to do this, it will even end up being more efficient than editing each file separately. It doesn’t matter if we opened them in another app, we can use this method to join them and it’s very easy.

Let’s say someone sent us three CSV files with information about a project. Now we’ll have to combine them, it’s the perfect time to use this method.

  • The first thing we will need to do is create a new folder and paste all the CSV files into it.
  • We open the folder and then right click on an empty space, we will select the option “Open in Windows terminal”.
  • Next, we’ll use the “copy * .csv newfile.csv” command without the quotes.
  • We will double click on the csv file to open it.
  • After that, we click on File> Save As.
  • We select the location where we want to save the file.
  • Here we will choose the Excel Book format (* .xksx) from the Files of type drop-down list.
  • Finally, we click on Save.
  • Now, we are going to take these steps in a little more detail so that it is better understood. We can organize all the files we want. We open the folder, right click on an empty space and select Open in Windows Terminal.

    We need to make sure that the command prompt has been opened. However, if we open Windows PowerShell instead, we’ll have to do something else to open the Windows Terminal Command Prompt in this associated folder. For that, we are going to right click on the folder and select the option copy as path and enter the following command:

    cd (the path we are copying)

    Next, we’ll add this command:

    copy * .csv newfile.csv

    We can also replace “newfile” with whatever filename we want, it doesn’t matter.

    Save the Excel file.

    When we do this we will find the file in the same folder where we had the others with the name we gave it. In this case it will be newfile.csv, just double-click to open it. Then we won’t make any changes, we go to File> Save As.

    We choose the location where we want to save this file, in “Save as” we select Excel Book (* .xlsx) from the drop-down list and we click to save.

    In order to merge multiple CSV files into one, it is possible to use Command Prompt on Windows computer. For this, we paste all the files into a single CSV folder, open the command prompt on the folder, and enter the command copy * .csv newfile.csv. Next, we open the created file and save it as an Excel workbook, making sure it has the .xlsx extension.

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