how to clear the cache to free up space

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Emptying your iPhone’s cache frees up space when storage memory starts to run out. The cache of browsers and applications does indeed end up occupying a considerable place over time. In this article, we show you how to clean cache on iPhone (or iPad).

iPhone. Image from Unsplash

IPhones and iPads are known for their fluidity. However, over time, the corners of iOS are blocked by unnecessary files. For comfortable use, it is better to choose a model with enough storage space. Extension via an SD slot is in fact still not an accessible option. What if your smartphone starts to get slow and running out of space, it’s time to clean up. We will see how to clear the cache of browsers, but also applications on an iPhone.

Clear app cache on iPhone

Contrary to Android smartphones, you can not clear iPhone apps cache strictly speaking and directly from iOS. For now, iOS users simply have the choice of “unloading the application”, that is, deleting it but keeping the data associated with it. You can also delete it altogether, to make room if you run out of space and no longer use it. In both cases, it will be necessary to cleaning application by application. Here’s how to unload an app on iOS.

  • Go to Settings> General> iPhone storage
  • Hold on. Scroll down, and in the list of applications, select apps that take up too much space and that you don’t use (or no longer use).
iPhone clear cache apps
Image Papergeek
  • Choose Download the app if you want to delete it BUT keep the documents and data associated with it.

iPhone clear cache apps

  • Choose Remove the App to erase it from your iPhone and save space. If you want, you can download it again from the Apple Store. Warning, this will erase the saved data of the application, if however they were not synchronized with iCloud.

If the application is very heavy base and occupies for example 450 MB and the documents and data (cache, backups, images and others) only occupy 50 MB, it would not be useful to delete the application if you plan to reinstall it later.

Clear iPhone Internet Browser Cache

Unlike apps that don’t allow you to delete cache and data without uninstalling, you can do it for browsers like Safari and Chrome from Settings.

  • So go to Settings > Safari
  • Scroll down and select Clear history, site data

Alternatively, press Advanced just below the option Clear history, site data. This path is used to have a list of the sites against which data is recorded. By pressing Edit at the top right, you can choose to clear the cache and data for certain sites only.

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