How to clean your laptop?

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We usually hear about cleaning your laptop with software in order to to optimize its performance if your pc is paddling and give it some pep’s, but it is also essential to regularly focus on the physical aspect of your pc if you do not want to see it deteriorate. As with any electronic device, dust is a nemesis for our machines.

Add to this dust the ash that accidentally falls between the keys of the keyboard if you smoke, the animal hair that lodges there, the pollen if you like to tap outside, etc. Hello damage if you don’t give it a spritz from time to time! Here are our top tips for you for optimal cleaning that will keep your laptop longer.

Why should you regularly clean your laptop?

As we mentioned earlier, dust is the number 1 enemy of laptop. It lodges there, piles up there and ends up heating the components to affect its performance and sometimes even to completely burn out the circuits.

Clogging the fans and radiators, the accumulated dust prevents the heat from being evacuated by the pc. And the more the components (graphics card, processor, chipset, etc.) will overheat, the more the machine will deteriorate since the lifespan of these components will be reduced.

Beyond these hardware aspects, by overheating, your computer will sooner or later cause many problems such as blue screen, untimely restart, unexplained cuts, etc. and this will be quite normal since when the pc reaches a certain temperature (generally 100 ° C at the level of the processor), it cuts off abruptly to put itself in safety and will not turn on again until its temperature has dropped. These multiple cuts are damaging not only to the components but also to the operating system as well as to all open programs. Software errors are bound to appear because the programs have not been terminated properly and you will probably have to reset your pc to regain its initial performance

Of course, the laptop will lose power, cause slowdowns that will irritate you quickly, and it may also make unpleasant noises.

How to clean the inside of the laptop?

If you want to keep your computer in perfect condition, it’s not just a matter of wiping it over the screen and keyboard, you’ll have to get your hands dirty and clean it up. spring on a regular basis.

So let’s start with the inside of the beast.

Before embarking on this adventure, we recommend that you turn off and unplug your laptop if you want to avoid damaging your computer hardware. Then make sure you have the right equipment on hand: a screwdriver if needed to remove the back panel, a canister or inspirator, or a hair dryer.

Remove the back panel of your computer and using your can of compressed air, blow air into the various slots and ports of the computer (hold the fan in place during this operation in order to avoid turning too fast). If you don’t have an air canister, use a small vacuum cleaner nozzle and vacuum up any openings and slits you find.

This first step will above all allow the fan to make less noise if it does before.

How to effectively clean the laptop keyboard?

While the inside of your laptop can collect a lot of dust, be aware that your keyboard contains a lot more and is the dirtiest part of your machine.

To clean it effectively, start by turning your computer over to drop as many particles as possible. You can shake it lightly and then either vacuum it up or use compressed air. Be careful, if you opt for the latter option, be sure to tilt your keyboard to dislodge dust and other dirt more easily. Blowing it directly onto the keyboard will only drive the debris further.

To clean the keys of your keyboard, we give you a trick, use an eraser. The latter will allow you to clean the grime present on the keys. Gently rub each key or the dirtiest to get rid of the most stubborn dirt. Then vacuum the keyboard again.

Since grime usually gets between the keys, use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean these parts of the keyboard (be careful not to wet your cotton swab too much, and do not press too hard when cleaning in order to prevent alcohol from seeping in). You can also rub alcohol on the keys that the eraser has failed to clean. Then pass a slightly damp microfiber cloth over the keys, rubbing them lightly and go back with a completely dry cloth to wipe them.

If you have in mind to remove the keys to clean them, do it only if you are used to it because they can be complicated to put back in place depending on your laptop model (if you do, consider taking a photo of your front keyboard so that you can put the keys back in the right place).

How to clean the computer screen?

To clean your screen effectively, first remove dust with a dry microfiber cloth. Your screen being fragile, you will need to clean it gently and carefully, avoiding too aggressive products such as window products (the famous pschitt pschitt) or alcohol which could damage the thin film used to protect your eyes. on your screen. Instead, prefer a cloth slightly dampened with lukewarm water (other than tap water which could leave mineral stains on the screen) or possibly a screen cleaning solution found in the market. Whatever you take, don’t spray anything on your screen! Prefer to soak your fabric and pass it gently over your screen, rubbing it lightly. If you notice stubborn stains, do not scratch them, it will damage your screen. Then wipe with a dry cloth to remove all traces of moisture. You can also clean your laptop’s trackpad in the same way.

We move on to cleaning the exterior

Once you have completed all of these steps, fold up your laptop and run a soft, lint-free, non-abrasive microfiber cloth lightly dampened with water or alcohol over the upper and lower portions of the screen and the rest of the machine. Wipe with dry cloth.

Your computer is very clean !!!

Be careful, humidity and electronics don’t mix well, so make sure your laptop is completely dry before you plug it in to a power source and turn it back on.

And you, what are your beauty tips for cleaning your laptop? And if you have no choice but tobuy a new pc, opt for reconditioned! The products available on Back Market are 30% to 70% cheaper for a quality equivalent to new, guaranteed for 12 months minimum.

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