How to choose your gaming mouse?

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The gaming mouse is an essential accessory for video game enthusiasts. It exists in several models and must be the object of a careful choice. Here are the criteria to consider before choosing a gaming mouse.

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The shape (right / left or ambidextrous)

To choose a gaming mouse, it is important to consider the form. Indeed, the accessory must be adapted to the morphology of your hand for optimal use. So small models are suitable for small hands, while larger mice are suitable for large hands. If you are left-handed, it is rather advisable to turn to an ambidextrous gaming mouse or a left-handed model. To finish you can turn to a ergonomic mouse for optimal comfort.

The style

Each person has their tastes and preferences. The main thing is to choose a model that you like and that you will always have fun using. In this sense, you have the choice between a wide variety of designs.

The weight

Most gaming gamers love to have a mouse slight and easy to manipulate. However, weight can also be a personal criterion. In fact, there are gamers who prefer heavy mice for more inertia. On the other hand, some manufacturers offer mice with a modular weight which you can adjust according to your needs.

Wire or wireless

To choose a gaming mouse, you must also take into account the wired aspect. In this sense, the wired version is the best known because it allows you to play continuously without the need to recharge the battery.

As for the wireless gaming mouse, it has improved now and hardly presents any latency issue. As a result, it is also appreciated by Esport professionals who seek more comfort and of freedom.

DPI sensor

DPI means the level of precision of the mouse. Thus, the more DPI there is, the more precise the mouse is. In addition, most gamers have turned to a model that displays 1600 DPI for a 1080p gaming screen. Also, some manufacturers offer gaming mice with a DPI adjustable.

Laser or optical

When you are about to choose a gaming mouse, you have the choice between the laser version and the optical version.

The first is distinguished by the use of a beam which offers greater sharpness in the clichés. This ensures greater precision in cursor movements. For the optical version, the images are obtained by an LED and determine the movements of the cursor.

The number of buttons

The number of integrated buttons depends on the player profile. If you are an MMORPG or MOBA enthusiast, you will need a mouse with as many buttons as possible.

Choosing your gaming mouse is not as easy as you think. However, taking all of these criteria into account, you will definitely make the right choice.

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