How to check the battery health of your Apple Watch

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Connected watches rarely offer more than a day of autonomy. It is therefore very important to regularly monitor the battery status of your Apple Watch. Below you will find various tips to conserve the battery of your connected watch.

Check the battery status of an Apple Watch

The battery life of our high-tech equipment is often the subject of heated debate. Everyone remembers the scandal over the limitation of the performance of iPhones linked to aging batteries.

Following this Batterygate, Apple was forced to set up a battery change program. This is to say if the subject is sensitive. The good news is that the latest version of WatchOS (7) offers a new feature for users to check the battery status of their watch.

This will allow you to accurately know its maximum capacity. Because as you already know, an Apple Watch whose autonomy does not last the day may cause you a lot of problems. If you plan to buy a second-hand connected watch, it is therefore better to check this criterion before purchasing.

Obviously, the health of the Apple Watch battery largely depends on its age. As the months go by, it may no longer display normal autonomy. This problem can also be caused by improper use.

Whatever the reason, it should be monitored regularly battery health of your watch. And as you will see, the operation is very easy. Before performing the different steps presented below, you will just have to check that your Apple Watch is up to date.

  • Open the Settings app on your connected watch equipped with WatchOS 7
  • Scroll the window down
  • Click on the battery section
  • Select the battery status option

A warning message alerts you to the fact that the batteries degrade over time. Then a little further down, you will find the following maximum capacity mention of a number expressed as a percentage.

The higher the number, the greater the capacity of the battery. For example, the value of 100 corresponds to a new battery. Please note that this section will allow you to know your charge level over the last 12 hours.

Reduce Apple Watch Battery Aging

There are various tips for maximizing the battery life of your watch. If, for example, you won’t be using your Apple Watch for a long period of time, it is recommended that you charge it halfway before storing it.

You can also turn off the heart rate monitor for some of your workouts. To do this, simply activate the energy saving mode in the exercise section of the Apple Watch. If you’re the type who talks with your hands or wiggles your arms a lot, your watch screen may turn on more than necessary.

It is for example possible to activate the screen only by touch. To do this, simply follow the following procedure.

  • Go to the settings of your Apple Watch
  • Click on general then on activate screen
  • Disable the option to activate screen on wrist lift

The Apple Watch also has a new battery-optimized watch mode. It was developed to improve battery life and slow down its inevitable degradation over the years.

To activate it, simply go to the battery status section then place your finger on the switch corresponding to this new function. Here you will find further tips for optimize the autonomy of your Apple Watch.

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