How to Check a Private Facebook Account on Android

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Gone are the days of sharing and information at all goes on Facebook. The largest social network in the world had become elephantine. So it was also a prime target for hackers. But not only, many research organizations took the opportunity to mass mine data for profit. No one has forgotten the scandal of Cambridge Analytica. As a result, many of you have returned your private facebook profile.

It’s a good thing for protect your personal data but also those of your friends. Despite the efforts of the parent company Meta for secure your privacythere are still tricks for consult a private account on Facebook. That’s what we’re going to cover today so you can avoid any attempts. In the meantime, it is recommended to have a up-to-date antivirus on Android.

social engineering

It’s the sneakiest solution for access your private profile. There are several more or less soft techniques.

  • fake facebook account : some individuals will go as far as create a person from scratch with some commonalities. For example, your high school or college, your city of birth, joint artists or sports clubs. Stay on your guard if ever a stranger sends you a request.
  • Networking of friends : in the same way, it is possible to make a request to your friends to then have access to your account. Unless of course you have decided to hide your facebook friends list.
  • Password reset : this option is quite stupid but if someone has access to your mailbox nothing prevents him from do a reset and access all your Facebook messages. Also remember to protect this access.

Spyware programs

There are many tools for consult a facebook account in secret. In particular the Spyware or spyware that may be installed without your knowledge.

  • Avoid clicking on links sent by strangers. Most of the time, these links install monitoring tools which can for example capture a password. If you use the same one for all your accesses, this is the open door to your private data.

Monitoring apps

Finally, publishers offer monitoring tools to parents who want keep an eye on the family’s Facebook accounts. Some people misuse such tools, one of the best known is MSpy. You will need a anti spyware software to detect them. Here’s how to uninstall it:

  • Be sure to have PlayProtect enabled as underlined below

How to activate Play Protect on Android

This app must be disabled before installing mSpy. It’s always a sign. Besides, the name of the service for this app is quite generic too, Update Service.

  • Go to the Android Settings
  • Tap Apps and Notifications
  • Select everything at the bottom of the screen the option to view all
  • Now locate the app Update Service
  • If it is there, you have to select it then Uninstall.

How to Locate mSpy on Android

  1. mSpy - Family Phone Tracker

    mSpy – the monitoring tool for the family

    This very popular application on all platforms allows conscientious parents to monitor kids activities on android notably. Just get a subscription then install the app on phones to monitor. All messages, regardless of the platform used, will be accessible from your control panel without anyone suspecting a thing.

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