how to change your wallpaper?

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It is one of the first things that we want to personalize on our iPhone just like the iPhone ringtone : the wallpaper. Whether you want to use one of your smartphone’s default templates, a photo you love, an animated screen, etc., you’ve come to the right place to figure out how.

How to change wallpaper on iPhone?

To change your iPhone wallpaper, follow these steps:

  • Open settings
  • Touch Wallpaper
  • Click on Choose a new wallpaper
  • Choose the image you want to see as wallpaper
  • Press on define and choose for which screen you want to define it

How to put a whole photo on iPhone?

If you have a new iOS version, you will probably have noticed that a zoom is automatically performed when you want to set a photo as wallpaper on your Apple brand device. Thus, if you want to put a group photo or a portrait, the rendering will not be optimal and you may be frustrated not being able to use it. There is no way to zoom out yet, but we are sharing a rather simple trick to achieve if you absolutely want to define one of your personal photos.

For this example, we’re using an iPhone, and for photos, a portrait as well as a group photo so you can see the effects if you want to set such an image as your wallpaper:

iphone wallpaper full picture

iphone wallpaper wallpaper iphone wallpaper full picture

Not terrible eh?

To work around this small flaw, open the app Pictures from your iPhone, select the one you want to set as wallpaper and click on it to hide all sharing and editing tools. Make a screenshot, locate it in your gallery, click on the button sharing then select “Set as wallpaper”. Your photo will be whole without any zoom.

How do I get my iPhone wallpaper photo back?

If you accidentally deleted the photo that serves as your wallpaper, all is not lost. You can retrieve it in your iCloud Drive if you have enabled it. If this is not the case, you still have the solution to take a screenshot to keep a memory.

How to put wallpaper that changes automatically on iPhone?

If you want to see several photos scrolling on your wallpaper, you also have the possibility to create a dynamic wallpaper on which your photos will change regularly. The iPhone does not offer this option, download the application from the App Store IntoLive.

You will be able to choose to see your wallpaper change according to your wishes. All you have to do is select all the photos you want to appear. The application will take care of making the video for you and you will only have to select it by proceeding in the same way as described at the beginning of the article.

How to put live wallpapers on iPhone? (Gif and video)

Many of us appreciate the GIF (Graphics interchange Format) which are nothing but moving pictures. If you want live wallpapers for your iPhone (models 6s and above), you will first need to download the application Giphy in your App Store.

Once the app has been downloaded, register and follow the steps below to transform a GIF into a Live Photo:

  • Select the GIF you want and click on the three small white dots at the bottom right of the image.

iphone wallpaper animated gif

  • Then press Convert to Live Photo and select Save as Live Photo (Full Screen). The message Live Photo saved will appear.

All you have to do is select the recording in the Wallpaper settings of your device.

If you want to use a video for your iPhone wallpaper, download the app LiveWallpapers in your App Store. You will be able to select one of your own (Build), or choose one from the app gallery (Gallery). You should then select To choose, click on Save and finally return to the Wallpaper settings to select the recorded video.

Be careful though, using an animated wallpaper will make your iPhone consume a lot more drums than if you were using a default wallpaper.

How to download wallpapers for iPhone 7, X, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12?

Since the update iOS 14.2, you have the possibility to download sixteen new super cool wallpapers. To do this, go here. Make a long press on the wallpapers at the bottom of the page, select “Add to Photos” and use the one you want as the wallpaper through either the wallpaper settings or through the Photos app.

If you are not interested in these new iPhone wallpapers, you have the option to Download directly the one for which you have cracked on the site of your choice. To do this, you just need to click on the image you want and select “Add to Photos”.

Here is a selection of the most common or original wallpapers for iPhone:

iphone wallpaper iphone wallpaper

iphone wallpaper iphone wallpaper

iphone wallpaper iphone wallpaper

iphone wallpaper iphone wallpaper

iphone wallpaper iphone wallpaper


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