How to change your Netflix password

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If you forgot yours or if you want to block someone from using your account

Between remembering your Netflix password and deciding who can access it, managing a Netflix account can get frustrating. Anyone with the knowledge and access to a Netflix account can block a primary subscriber out of their account. Netflix has suitable security features and helpful customer support to help users keep their accounts safe, even if it’s just a matter of changing a Netflix password.

This is the most direct way to access your Netflix account controls and change your password. You will have a full keyboard and more control while browsing.

  1. Open a web browser, then navigate to
  2. Log into your Netflix account.
  3. On the Netflix library screen that lets you search for something to watch, select theicon of your profile in the upper right corner of the window.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose Account.
  5. On the page Account, go to section Membership and billing and select Change the password.
  6. On the page Change password, enter your Current Password to verify that it is you. Then enter twice a New Password. When you are finished, select Save to change the password.

If you only use Netflix on a mobile device, you can change your password from your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

  1. Open the Netflix app.
  2. From the main screen, touch More (located in the lower right corner of the screen). The icon consists of three stacked lines.
  3. In the screen More, select Account in the list below your profile photos.
  4. The Netflix app opens on your account page. To the top of the page, find and select to change the password.
  5. Enter your password current pass with the New Password. Check the New Password, then select Save once you have finished.

There are two Netflix apps for mobile, because Netflix only supports current devices that haven’t been changed or updated. If your device has been modified or is outside of the support window, you are probably using Netflix’s unsupported semi-official app which is essentially a portal to the Netflix website. You can always change your password, and it is similar to the browser version.

  1. Open the Netflix app.
  2. Touch themenu icon in the upper left corner of the screen, represented by three superimposed lines.
  3. A menu appears on the side of the screen. Scroll down.
  4. Choose Account in the menu.
  5. On the Netflix account screen, look in front of your email address, and then tap to change the password.
  6. On the next screen, enter your Current Password tracking your New Password twice. When you are satisfied with the change, press Record to update your password.

By logging into Netflix from an unknown device (such as a newly purchased computer, tablet, or smartphone), a notification is immediately sent to the primary subscriber’s email. This notification contains details about the connection, including the location and type of device used to connect. If this access is allowed, you can ignore the email. Otherwise, you can take multiple actions.

It is possible to require all devices to log in again with the new password. If you don’t want to share the new Netflix password, select this option. This disconnects all connected devices from the Netflix account, and only those with the new password can reconnect.

If you change a password and later decide to restrict access to the account, there is an option to disconnect all devices in the account settings, which will disconnect other users from the Netflix account. As a courtesy, you as the primary subscriber can notify other users that you no longer wish to share the Netflix password.

What to do if your Netflix account is hacked

If someone tries to access a Malicious Netflix Account, you will receive an email notification regarding the activity and instructions on how to proceed.

These options include changing the Netflix password or the email address associated with the account. Netflix recommends doing this through the Password option. forgotten pass on the login page.

Using this method to set a new password requires an email address or phone number so that additional instructions can be sent by email, text, or phone call. Retrieving an email address requires the first and last name of the primary subscriber, as well as the credit or debit card associated with the account.

What to do if you get kicked from your Netflix account

If an unauthorized user accesses a Netflix account and changes the password, the primary subscriber can visit the Netflix help center or call customer service at the number provided in the alert email.

The customer service representative asks the subscriber several questions to verify the account and can make changes remotely. These changes include updating the password and email address associated with the account. Customer service can also provide details about the hack, including where it came from and the type of device used.

The customer service representative may recommend changing the email address associated with the account, as it would be easy for an intruder to change the password again by having access to the original email address.

Other Netflix Password Tips

Once all issues are resolved, the primary subscriber receives an email reviewing the issue and another link to the Netflix help center with articles on how to keep a secure Netflix account.

Netflix recommends that you keep a unique password for an account and change it periodically. Netflix suggests a password that is at least eight characters long, with a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols and without dictionary words, names or personal information.

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