How to change Twitter backgrounds

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What there is to know

  • You can change your personal background in night mode via Settings> Accessibility, display and languages.
  • You can change your profile header image to a different background via profile> Header image.
  • Settings can be changed through desktop or mobile website.

This article explains how to change your personal Twitter background as well as how to change your Twitter profile background photo.

If you are an avid Twitter user and find the white background towering, it is possible to switch to a darker background which lends itself well to nighttime use. Here’s how to switch to a Twitter black background whenever it’s convenient for you.

These steps apply to the desktop version of Twitter, but are very similar on the mobile site.

  1. Go to You may need to sign in to your Twitter account.
  2. Click more.
  3. Click on Settings and privacy.
  4. Click on Accessibility, display and languages.
  5. Click on Show.
  6. Click on Sun or Lights out. Lights off are darker than dim, so both options are useful depending on your needs.
  7. The background has now been changed on this browser.

You must make these changes on every web browser you use for them to take effect.

Another Twitter background that you can change is your Twitter profile background photo. If you’ve discovered some cute Twitter backgrounds that you want to use to express your personality, here’s how to change the background image in a few easy steps.

These steps apply to the desktop version of Twitter, but the mobile site is very similar.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Profile.
  3. Click on Modify the profile.
  4. Click the photo icon on your profile header.
  5. Find the image you want to download.
  6. Click on Open.
  7. Use the controls to adjust the part of the image you want to display.
  8. Click on Apply when you are done adjusting the image.
  9. Click on Save to save the changes.

Reasons to change your Twitter background

Wondering why you might want to change your Twitter background? Here’s a quick rundown of the common reasons people do it.

  • To relieve eye fatigue. When it comes to seeing anything in the dark, it is far better and better for your eyes if you use a dark background to navigate. It is recommended that you switch to Night mode if you are an avid Twitter user at night.
  • To add personality to your account. If you want to highlight something about your personality on your profile, changing your header image to something more “you” is a great way to say it all.
  • To add branding. If you use Twitter in a business context, you can create a header image that demonstrates what capabilities you offer, what your business provides, or just list different contact details for others to check out.
  • To add seasonal bloom. Love changing your Twitter name to something seasonal for the holidays or Halloween? You can change your background to match this theme with the ability to change it as many times as you want throughout the year.

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