How to Change the Recording Length of Your Arlo Camera

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If you’re an Arlo camera owner, you’re undoubtedly immersed in motion-triggered clips – but many users have asked us how to change the recording time.

The default setting for the Arlo camera is to record motion for as long as it occurs, which can take up a lot of space. Therefore, it makes sense that some users want to set up a maximum recording time in order to save space, especially if you are using local storage.

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However, some have also complained that their clips have been limited to just 10 seconds – and want to extend the length of their stored clips.

Anyway – below we will show you how to adjust it.

Change the duration of Arlo video recording

1. Log in to the Arlo app.

2. Choose Fashion.

3. Select the base station or camera you want to tune.

4. Tap the pencil icon next to Armed.

You cannot adjust the length for disarmed or even programmed modes.

5. Tap the pencil icon next to the camera you want to edit.

You don’t have to have the same duration on all your cameras, and different locations can be adapted to different rules.

6. Tap the pencil icon next to Record a video.

The options are Record video or do nothing.

7. Select Record until activity stops (up to 300 s).

Use this option to record an entire clip. This will increase the amount of recorded footage stored in the cloud or locally.

8. OR – Choose Record for a fixed time

Adjust to the desired duration (in seconds). This will allow you to limit the amount of recording, but you may miss some interesting footage.

9. Press to save

And, from there, everything changed. Just be aware that battery life can take a hit too, if you’re extending your recording time – go ahead and learn how to charge your Arlo camera.

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