How to change the language on Samsung Galaxy M51

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How to change the language on Samsung Galaxy M51

Smartphones have evolved a lot over the years and are now better than ever. One of the most promising things about smartphones is that we can use them in our native language, and Samsung supports the majority of popular languages ​​for its smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy M51 is also a very capable smartphone and like other Samsung phones it also supports different languages. So if you want to change the language of your M51, this guide is for you. In this guide you will learn how to change the language on Samsung Galaxy M51. Let’s start.

How to change the language on Samsung Galaxy M51

The Samsung Galaxy M51 supports multiple languages ​​and there is a good chance it will support your native language as well. The whole process of changing the language is very simple and easy. Samsung allows you to add the new language as the default language, or you can add a new language with the current language. Here’s how to change the language on Samsung Galaxy M51.

  • Unlock your Samsung Galaxy M51.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon to access settings. You can also access the settings by tapping on the app Settings in the Applications menu.
  • In settings, go to Global management and press it.
  • Find the Language and seizure and press it.

Language and input Samsung Galaxy M51

  • Press the Language, and it will show you the list of languages ​​added in your M51.
  • Now press Adding a language, and it will show you the list of all available languages ​​that you can install on your Galaxy M51.

Add a new language on Galaxy M51

  • Select the language of your choice and install it.
  • The system will ask you if you want to set the added language as default or keep it with the default language.
  • Select Define by default, and that’s all.

Change the language on Samsung M51

This way you will be able to add more languages ​​to your Samsung Galaxy M51. You also have the option of using them as a secondary language on your keyboard.

What languages ​​are available on Samsung Galaxy M51?

Samsung Galaxy M51 supports a large number of languages, and it is not possible to list them all here, but here are some of the most popular languages ​​available on Samsung Galaxy M51.

  • Spanish
  • Persian
  • Urdu
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Catalan
  • Deutsch

Can I add multiple languages ​​to my Galaxy M51?

Yes, Samsung allows you to add multiple languages ​​to Galaxy M51 with default language. You can only use one default language, and other languages ​​can be used as secondary languages.


In this guide you have learned how to change the language on Samsung Galaxy M51. We have also shared the list of popular languages ​​supported by Galaxy M51. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to check out this guide if you want to know how to change font style and size on Galaxy M51.

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