How to change the default browser on Android

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The quality of your web browsing mainly depends on your Navigator. Most of us log in in the usual way on our smartphone. For this reason, it is important to choose the right web browser.

If your default android browser does not suit you, we offer you the present article which shows you how to change your default browser on Android.

There are several reasons why you might want to change your default web browser, such as navigation slow, bugs all the time or Connection Failure. Whatever your motive, the technique remains the same:

The easiest is toopen a link, a web page or an online file. The system will suggest automatically multiple browsers for Android from which you must choose one to open your link. You can then set as default browser.

If none of the available browsers in your android system interests you, in this case we offer download a new Web browser since Play store. When opening the browser installed, you will have the choice to set it as the default browser for a period temporary or for always.

To return to your default browser after trying a third-party browser, you need to go to Settings, then Applications and finally Default apps which you will find by pressing the three horizontal dots.

Now tap on the app Navigator to make your choice and let’s go.

From then on, all your web links will be opened with the browser you have selected as default browser.

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