How to change Alexa wake word, name and voice

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We may be living in the Alexa Age, but barking the same wake-up call and hearing the same voice responding to our requests can quickly make us feel were the robots.

Thankfully, unlike its rivals, Amazon allows users to change the Alexa wake word and add a pinch of variation to the Echo device experience. If you prefer a different Alexa accent to read your weather report or reminders, there are steps for that as well.

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Follow the steps below and find out how to change everything on your Amazon Echo speaker.

Change Alexa’s name / wake word

Tired of saying Alexa’s name? Want a different wake-up call to trigger the voice assistant on your Echo devices? Well, the customization options are very limited but you can change the wake word from “Alexa” ???? to â ???? Echoâ ????, â ???? Amazonâ ???? or â ???? Computerâ ????.

1. From the application menu, select Devices.

2. Choose the device for which you want to change the wake word.

3. Press on Wake Word.

4. Choose the one you want, then press OKAY.

5. Once the amber light stops flashing, the name you use to wake up Alexa should be changed.

How to change Alexa's name and voice

Change Alexa’s voice or accent

It’s always confusing that Alexa can’t even have a male voice, but there are other ways to change her if you’re tired of the same tones and intonations. If you’ve ever wanted to give your Echo speaker a British accent or an Australian twang, you can. You can also ask Alexa to speak English with an Indian accent.

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However, be warned, Alexa’s brain is also located where you define it, meaning that a change in emphasis can lead to different responses, which can alter the experience a bit.

1. From the application menu, select Alexa devices.

2. Choose the device whose voice you want to change.

3. Scroll down and press Languages.

4. Click on the drop-down list and choose the desired language.

5. Hit Save the changes.

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