How to calibrate your touchscreen on Android?

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Our smartphones like many other electronic devices have a lifespan. After a certain period of use, they start to lose their effectiveness. Their system slows down, the battery no longer holds a charge or the touchscreen responds less well to our commands.

Although in most cases the problem is the result of a hardware defect whose solution will be to replace the defective part, in some cases a configuration or an update may be sufficient as in the case of a problem with the screen. If your smartphone Android has a problem with screen sensitivity, maybe you should think about calibrate your touch screen.

In the new generations of Android smartphones, touch screens rarely require configuration. Often times sensitivity defects of the screen are due to material defection. However, there are situations where you will need toadjust screen sensitivity. We can cite among others, the case where your device has a screen protector or for example in the situation where you wear a glove. Indeed, screen protectors as thin as they are, as well as any other obstacle between your fingers and the screen may affect screen sensitivity andprevent to react correctly to the keys.

If your phone is older than Lollypop, i.e. prior to Android 5, you can manually calibrate the screen. To do this, dial coded following * # * # 2664 # * # * , then follow the instructions to resolve the problem.

For a newer version of android, applications such as ” Touchscreen Calibration » offer you a test which will allow you to identify the type of fault and resolve it immediately.

  • After installing the app, click on the “calibrate” button.
  • Follow the test instructions and let the app do the rest.
  • In a few seconds, the app analyzes the information and make the necessary adjustments.
  • To save everything, the app restart the device and here it is perfectly calibrated!
  1. Touchscreen Calibration

    Touchscreen Calibration

    The application as its name indicates is used to calibrate the touch screen from your Android device. This is a simple to use tool who detects the touch sensitivity problem and the rule in a few clicks.

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