How to buy more iCloud storage from your iPhone

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Have you been receiving alert messages for several days telling you that your iCloud storage space is full? Do not wait any longer. In this guide, you will find the different steps to get more iCloud storage space and keep backing up your files.

Better manage your iCloud storage space

Today the cloud (hosting files on the internet) has become a very common technology. However, the latter comes at a cost. Every iPhone or iPad owner gets 5 GB of free storage space.

The latter is generally used to store your phone’s backups. You can also use it to save photos and videos taken with your smartphone. To do this, simply activate the option iCloud photo library.

But beware, photos and videos usually consume a lot of storage space. Now that the iPhone has become the primary camera for most of the users, the need for cloud storage space is growing day by day.

Fortunately there are solutions for clean your iCloud account. These methods save several gigabytes. If this is not enough, know that it is possible to move part of your photo library to another online storage space. Below is a method for transfer your photos or videos from iCloud to Google Photos.

Get more iCloud storage

The iCloud online storage service is an integral part of Apple’s ecosystem. As soon as you connect your iPhone to your Apple ID, you automatically have a secure space to store all the data produced by your device (photos, videos, backups, files, music tracks, applications, documents, calendars).

As you use your phone or tablet, the number of files stored in the cloud will keep growing. You will quickly find that the 5 GB of free space offered with each Apple ID is quickly depleted.

If you constantly get an alert telling you that your iCloud storage is full, don’t worry. Start by cleaning up your files and if that is not enough, know that it is possible to increase your online storage space. But before you start buying space, you’ll need to check how much online storage you have left.

  • Open your iPhone or iPad settings
  • Click on your name then on iCloud
  • Select the iCloud storage option then on manage storage
  • You will see the amount of space you have left.

Note that on some older versions of iOS, the procedure is slightly different. You will need to click on the iCloud heading then on Storage to check the storage space used. We will now see how to increase your iCloud plan.

  • Return to the page to manage iCloud storage
  • Press the switch storage plan or buy additional storage button
  • The next screen will show you the different storage plans offered by Apple.
  • Select the package of your choice
  • Click on the buy button located in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Enter your Apple account credentials

The additional storage space is immediately available. If after a few days of use you no longer wish to pay or if you prefer to opt for a smaller plan, be aware that it is entirely possible to change the plan. All you need to do is press the downgrade options button.

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