How to block unknown or hidden incoming calls on iPhone?

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Tired of receiving calls from unknown, hidden or unwanted numbers on your iPhone? Here is a simple and complete little tutorial to allow you to block them by default.

Apple iPhone, Unsplash image.

You have a iPhone, are on one or more mailing lists, and you constantly receive incoming calls from hidden or unknown numbers ? Rest assured. There are several easy solutions to bypass or block them on iOS, Apple’s smartphone operating system.

Block an anonymous call on iPhone

Here is the procedure for block unknown call on iPhone. However, this process requires doing it for each call you have already received. This will prevent the unwanted number from reaching you in the future. Here is how to do it.

  • Open the app Phone on your iPhone

Block an anonymous call on iPhone

  • Press the “i” button circled in blue and located to the right of the incoming number you want to block

Block an anonymous call on iPhone

  • Select Block this correspondent.

Block an anonymous call on iPhone

Silence incoming calls from strangers by default

You can, if you wish, silence stranger calls by default. Here is the procedure.

  • Go to the app Settings on your iPhone

Silence Unknown Calls iPhone

Silence Unknown Calls iPhone

  • Go to Silent stranger calls

Silence Unknown Calls iPhone

Silence Unknown Calls iPhone

More ways to block unwanted calls on iPhone

While the functionality of blocking unknown numbers remains limited on iOS, there are third-party apps and other solutions to help you. Here they are. You can :

  • Use the service of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Bloctel
  • Use the third-party app Truecaller available for free on the App Store.

That’s it for this tutorial. Find another tutorial dedicated to the iPhone: how to unlock your iPhone with a mask and Face ID?

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