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Microsoft launched the Windows Insider program in the early days of Windows 10. It has remained open to this day and allows anyone to test Windows builds before public versions arrive. Here are the different channels of the Insider program and how to register.

The program Windows Insider brings together a community of millions of Windows users who have in common the desire to participate in the testing of the various builds of the system and to contribute to their improvement. All the new features of Windows 10 and now Windows 11 must go through different channels before reaching the general public. For program members, it’s also a way to access new features before anyone else.

Microsoft’s goal is therefore to collect as many suggestions and bugs as possible before the arrival of stable versions. Anyone can join the Windows Insider program and become a beta tester. But like all apps in their beta phase, you are likely to run into a lot of bugs. It is important to know this before registering.

We strongly recommend that you join the program from a PC that is not your primary computer. Better to go with a secondary PC or a virtual machine.

How to join the Insider program

Signing up for the Windows Insider program is actually easier than it looks. To get started, just sign in on your PC with a Microsoft account and not a local user account. You will understand, to join, you must have a Microsoft account (Outlook or Hotmail). Create one if you don’t have one yet.

Then, go to this page of the Microsoft website. Click on “Register” to join the program. It’s free. Follow the instructions. The next step is to sign in on your PC using your Microsoft account if you haven’t already. To do this, go to Settings> Accounts. In the menu Your informations, click on Instead, sign in with a Microsoft account. Enter your Hotmail or Outlook address and log in. Then:

  • Go to Settings> Update and security
  • In the left menu, completely at the bottom, click on Windows Insider Program
  • On the page that opens, click To start
  • Click on Link an Account then enter your Hotmail or Outlook address
  • Select the channel you want to belong to:Windows Insider channels
    • Dev Channel : This channel receives builds at the first stage of their deployment. The risk of bugs is very high.
    • Beta channel : the builds of this channel are more stable, but you are not spared from bugs (moderate risk)
    • Channel Release Preview : In this channel, the builds are deployed shortly before the general public launch. Here the test versions are almost the same as the final ones. Low bug risk, but not nonexistent.
  • Click on confirm to validate your registration and restart the computer.

Windows Insider: How to download the latest updates for Windows 11 and Windows 10?

Windows Insider Update

You are now a member of Windows Insider. To install the latest updates for program members, the process is the same as for traditional Windows updates. See you in the Settings> Updates and security. Download the latest feature updates from the relevant section.

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