How to Backup Data from Mac Using Time Machine Backup?

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If you want to backup data from your Mac, read more to know how to backup data from Mac using Time Machine Backup?

Salvation! Friends, I am so happy to invite you to this article, How are you all I hope you are doing well, I think you are interested in backing up data from mac using Time Machine Backup, or You have a new Mac and want to backup everything on Mac for such kind of people, you are on the right platform and this article is the best reference.

In this article, we clearly discuss the steps to backup mac data using Time Machine Backup and also briefly explain the steps to restore and backup selected files on Mac.

Introduction to Time Machine backup:

Time Machine is an excellent built-in backup feature on Mac, it is used to automatically backup personal data as well as apps, music, photos, emails and documents, it also restores and recovers files, it will require an external storage device in order to back up the data and it automatically performs hourly backups of the last 24 hours as well as daily and monthly backups.

It is completely a backup mechanism for macOS and it is a desktop operating system which was developed by Apple, it works great for local storage devices as well as network attached drives.

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If you want to backup Mac data using Time Machine Backup, follow the simple steps below.

  • First, the user needs to connect an external hard drive to the Mac.
  • Then select the apple icon in the menu bar and it is located in the top left corner of the screen.

Select the Apple icon

  • Now click on System Preferences.

Click on System Preferences

Click System Preferences

  • Then tap on Time Machine.


Tap Time Machine

  • After that click on the Select backup disk option.

Click on the Select Backup disk

Click Select backup disk

  • The user should choose the drive and then press Use the disc.


Tap Use Disk

  • Finally, check the box preceding the Save automatically then it immediately starts the backup process on the Mac.

Check the Backup automatically box

Check the Backup automatically box

You can also restore the files using Time Machine Backup, just follow the simple steps below

  • On Mac, go to apple icon toolbar.

Move to Apple icon

Move to Apple icon

  • Then in the Apple menu click on System Preferences.

Click on System Preferences

Click on System Preferences

  • Now press the Time Machine icon.


Tap Time Machine

  • You must check the box above to Show Time Machine in the menu bar.

Check the Show-Time-Machine-in-menu-bar box

Check the box Show Time Machine in the menu bar

  • After that press Enter the time machine after pressing the Time Machine icon located in the menu bar.

Press Enter-Time-Machine

Press Enter Time Machine

  • You need to browse for a file or folder and then press Restore.

Click Restore

Click Restore

Finally, Time Machine will copy the particular file and return it to its original location on the hard drive.

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With the help of Time Machine on Mac you can also backup selected files, the process is simple and easy, for this you need to follow some simple steps

  • First, navigate to apple icon on the Mac home screen.

Navigate to the Apple icon

Access the Apple icon

  • So choose System Preferences.


Select System Preferences

  • Now in this selection Time Machine.


Select the time machine

  • You must press Choice which is located at the bottom right of the windows.


Press Options

  • After that click on the + button

Click on the icon-+-

Click the + icon

  • The user should select the files or folders he wants to exclude from backup and also select apps, files and folders, at once you can choose multiple items by holding the Command key on the keyboard.
  • Then tap on Exclude option.

Tap Exclude

Tap Exclude

  • Finally click on Save or Finish to save changes.

Click Done

Click Done

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) How long does it take to backup data on Mac?

Answer: It doesn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes whether the Mac is new, so you have to put up with everything.

  • Question 2) Whether Time Machine can automatically back up external drives?

Answer: Yes, Time Machine backs up everything automatically, you want to back up the data, just follow the steps above which are explained in the article.

  • Question 3) Explain the different backup options supported by Apple?

Answer: The options supported by Apple for backup are

  1. USB external drive, Thunderbolt or firewall
  2. NAS (Network-attached Storage), supports Time Machine among SMB.
  3. The Time Machine backup destination is shared by Mac.
  4. AirPort Time Capsule


This article clearly explains the steps to backup data from Mac using Time Machine Backup and explains the steps to restore files using Time Machine Backup and finally the steps to backup selected files on Mac via Time Machine Backup.

For people who want to backup data and files on Mac using Time Machine Backup and also restore files on Mac for such type of people, this article is the best reference.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope this article will be useful to backup data on Mac, for more updates and information visit and follow our omgeeky site


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