How to always be an impostor among us

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Among us is a really famous game these days. This little game is also about stratagems and deception. If you know how to hide your identity; Then this game is for you. The game consists of 4 to 10 players, of which 1 to 3 members are impostors. At the start of each round, players are essentially assigned one of two roles: either a “Crewmate” who must complete simple tasks and then survive or the “Impostor” whose purpose is essentially to kill the crew. But, 90 percent of the time, you end up being a teammate. Moreover, this game is much more fun when you are an impostor. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Always Be an Impostor Among Us. Let’s get started!

Everyone wants to be the murderer, no one wants to be the murderer. An understandable preference, of course, though, easier said than done in Among Us. You know, Among Us, and the thin line between the first segment of your life when your friends and family trust you. And the second side when you’ve burned every bridge with every friend you’ve ever had, one smooth stab at a time.

With a standard game of Among Us consisting of ten players with. However, an impostor, your chances of being an impostor barely creak in the double digits. Of course, you can also join the Triple Impostor Halls where you might as well lay down and stab yourself in the back in the lobby. However, there is a special charm that comes with being the singular shape-shifting saboteur.

We hate to tell you that too, but there is – Fortunately – no way to guarantee being the impostor everyone and all time among us. There’s nothing you can do against the odds either. The only way to improve your chances of being an impostor is to simply join a triple impostor room. It doesn’t matter what you read online, about certain skins or also colors or other supposed cheats, hacks or flaws. There is no real exploit to play the system in your favor.

And be thankful that there isn’t!

What many seem to forget is simply that the games are designed to maximize player enjoyment. The sole purpose of the enslavement of the gulag which is game development is essentially to create something. So particularly engaging that the players strength choose to spend money on it. Real hacks, exploits and “Things”. In order to bypass the parameters of the game design, the fun delivery system of the game is also broken. Keep in mind any PUBG or Fall Guys match where someone slipped their way in order to achieve an unstoppable victory without even breaking a sweat.

It was bad.

And honestly, it sucks for the hacker too. Instead, it might put a smile on the hacker’s face, but not for the sake of the beloved game. But because of the sadistic joy of flipping the bird, too, many others are just trying to play the game as it was intended. The real thrill of solid gameplay actually comes from the competition. An uncertain outcome is what makes it so fun in the first place.

Use free mode | always be an impostor

Now it also may not constitute “To be the impostor” in the real sense you are looking for. However, if you’re eager to hone your teammate killing skills every time the algorithm nods in your direction. Then you can always load up the Freeplay mode which also allows players to practice being a teammate or an impostor. It’s a really good way to make sure every time you guys to do get the chance to be the impostor you each have and whatever else you have to make the most of it.

Go, go, go (worse)

Yes! there is a special circle in hell for leavers. Of course, everyone wants to be the impostor, however, ask yourself. If everyone’s going away to be an impostor too, what’s it going to be when it’s finally you? It’s also true.

Currently, there is also no penalty for leaving the middle of the game in Among Us, it … seems odd considering the entire report from impostors to players. If you have a three impostor game and 2 players go. As soon as two players are killed, the game is also over. That, frankly, no.

Don’t just be part of the problem. The leavers are really the only serious problem in what is otherwise nearly perfect. The compact game that is among us (aside from the constantly overworked servers that burn themselves to the ground in Innersloth) actually.

Be patient (best) | always be an impostor

Patience is a virtue. Nowhere is this more true than in Among Us. If you want to be an impostor, just play more games. And enjoy the thrill, paranoia, and false accusations that come with being a teammate. Time flies when you’re having fun.


Okay, that was all folks! I hope you will like this “Always Be an Impostor” article and find it useful as well. Give us your opinion on it. Also, if you have other questions and issues related to this article. So let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a nice day!

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