How to add subtitles to a movie or TV series on Android

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For a few years people watch more and more films and series on their mobile phones rather than on TV or computer. A martphone allows you to track your favorite series or a movie recommended by a friend in the best possible conditions.

In transport, in a waiting room or in the evening in your bed, you can enjoy these moments without being bothered by outside noises, thanks to the subtitles. The option of subtitles can also help you improve your level in foreign languages by listening to the dialogue in the native language at the same time as you follow the subtitles on the screen. So read on to learn how to add subtitles to movie or tv series on android.

Multimedia players, compatible with an Android device, which allow you to include subtitles in a specific movie are many.

We chose VLC player for Android in order to show you the technique of adding subtitles to a movie or a series. The following steps are also applicable to other Multimedia player for Android.

Today, several websites offer download movie subtitle files for free. We offer you a list of the best sites:

Once you find the subtitle file you are looking for, proceed to the download to get the file to your device.

Then open VLC media player and play the video where you want to add the subtitles.

Note: If the subtitle file is saved in the folder Downloads, subtitles will appear automatically in the movie when playing it. Otherwise, you must add subtitles manually.

How to add subtitles manually:

  • On the application control panel VLC which appears at the bottom of the screen, press the subtitle button, then, on “Select the subtitle file”
  • You will be redirected to your device’s storage to select the subtitle file. The file will automatically be added to your movie or series.

Besides VLC media player, you can use other applications that allow you add subtitles to movies on your Android device, like GMT Subtitles or Subloader.

  1. VLC for Android

    VLC for Android

    A video player compatible with devices Android. An application that not only allows read any type of video or audio but also to make changes to the file. You can add subtitles, slow down or accelerate reading… Etc.

  2. GMT Subtitles

    GMT Subtitles

    The GMT Subtitles app allows you to search and download the subtitles of your favorite movies and series.

    Adding subtitles in the video can be manual or automatic. In addition, the subtitles are available in several languages.

  3. SubLoader


    The application is designed to download movies to your smartphone. SubLoader is also used to provide the subtitle files that go with just one click.

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