How to Add Subtitle Addon in Kodi []

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In this tutorial we will see how place subtitles in Kodi in specifically using content from which in our opinion is one of the best subtitle pages.

The tutorial was made in Kodi 18, compatible with previous versions of Kodi, works for all platforms in case you have any doubts you can leave it in the comments at the end of the article or on the one of our social networks.

As that Kodi users, we you recommend using IPVanish VPN to have full access to all addons,including those that run through torrents.

The installation steps are as follows:

Method 1 – Official Kodi Repo

  1. We open Kodi
  2. We are moving to Add-ons
  3. Addons (box icon)AdryanList
  4. Install from repositorysubtitles in kodi
  5. Kodi add-on repositorysubtitles in kodi
  6. Subtitles
  8. Install
  9. We expect this that the modules of notification enabledsubtitulos in kodi
  10. Return to the main menu and select Settings (equipment)AdryanList
  11. Reading settingsSources To Subtitles In Kodi
  12. Place the parameter level in Expertsubtitles in kodi
  13. Language> Preferred subtitle language> we turn on French and turn off English. We recommend installing both to have more subtitle alternativessubtitles in kodi
  14. We are going to language for downloading subtitles > turn on spanish and Spanish (Mexico) and deactivate english > okay. We recommend installing both to have more subtitle alternatives
  15. We let’s go to the standard service by default and movie service by default,select OpenSubtitles.orgsubtitles in kodi
  16. We open a movie to test the subtitles. Select Subtitlessubtitles in kodi
  17. Downloadsubtitles in kodi
  18. And we select the subtitles desired (we recommend that you use the ones with the highest rating).As you can see in the picture there is more than one subtitle provider to add more, you can do it the same way we did with OpenSubtiles.orgsubtitles in kodi
  19. Now you can see the subtitle loaded in the moviesubtitles in kodi
  20. Ready! The kodi subtitles will have been correctly installed.

Method 2 – Kelebek

To follow the tutorial, we must have already installed the Kelebek addon.

  1. We opened Kodi
  2. We are heading to Addon> Addon Programs> Kelebek
  3. Programs and Tools> Opensubtitles> Install
  4. We will see the message Addon required, select Yes
  5. We expect the Addon notification installed (yellow color)
  6. We follow steps 11 from method 1.

Method 3 – Luar (OpenSubtitles Modified)

To follow the tutorial, we must have already installed the Luar addon

  1. We opened Kodi
  2. We are heading to Addon> Addon Programs> Luar
  3. By Categories> Programs and Tools> RealOpenSubtitles> Install
  4. We look forward to the message Congratulations !!!
  5. We follow steps 11 from method 1.

Common problems


In the subtitle options in step 18, you can advance and delay the subtitles with the Move Subtitles option in case they are obsolete, if the changes are not reflected disable and enable the subtitle option.


In case the subtitles don’t load, we go to the OpenSubtitles settings, open the settings and configure our username and password. To create an account we do it from from the OpenSubtitles site.


Sometimes it may happen that when you watch a movie and want to load the subtitles, Kodi does not load the correct ones, that is, in the list appears those of another movie, for this, you can perform a manual search, by following these steps:

  1. Select the subtitle icon
  2. Download
  3. Manual search string
  4. We write the name of the movie we want to see the subtitles
  5. We tried the title in English and French

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