How to Add Skills to Your Amazon Echo or Alexa Device

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Your new Amazon Echo and Alexa speaker may be full of potential, but you’ll need to know how to add skills if you really want to unlock it.

These skills – essentially apps designed just for Alexa devices – let you customize your speaker and expand it with new capabilities for music playback, smart home control, news reading, and more. again. Think of it as a way to make Alexa even smarter than she already is.

Download: The Best Alexa Skills For Your Echo Speaker

If you’re just getting started, you might want some tips on how to upload skills to Alexa. Follow the steps below to find out.

There are actually three ways to add skills to your Alexa device, and it doesn’t change if you have a speaker from the Echo family or one from a third-party manufacturer, such as Sonos or Bose.

Solution No.1: Ask Alexa

The easiest way to add skills to your Alexa profile is to simply say, “Alexa, active [skill name]”. And, if you later want to remove that skill, just say: “Alexa, turn off [skill name]”.

If you don’t know what skills to add, you can ask, “Alexa, recommend me some skills”. You can also do this for different skill categories like news, smart home, and games by saying something like, “Alexa, what are the best skills for kids?”.

Solution # 2: use the Alexa app

The best way to browse the library of skills available to you, and then add them manually, is to use the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device.

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Tap the icon in the upper left corner.
  • Tap Skills and games.
  • Find a skill you want to add to your collection.
  • On the skill description page, you will see the Activate to use tab – tap it.

Solution No.3: Use Amazon’s website

If you don’t want to use the Alexa app to download skills, but still want to browse the available library, another way to download Alexa skills is to use the Amazon site itself.

  • Open Amazon in your web browser.
  • Go to Shop by department> Echo and Alexa> Alexa skills.
  • On the right side there is an option for Activate – press it.

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