How to add links to your Instagram posts and stories

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Basically, Instagram is an exchange platform for quality photos. And videos now too! Like many readers, you follow the feeds of your favorite brands for some inspiration. The pictures, the clips, the stories and the links generate lots of comments and touchesa pat as we say in the jargon on a touch screen.

If you have a internet shop with products or services, Instagram can even help you boost your sales! Indeed it has become a international platform for promotion, especially with the arrival of the instant translation on Instagram. But then how to generate traffic on your e-commerce site? Follow this Androidlista tutorial!

How to display a link on your Instagram feed

If you are considering promoting your services or products on this platform, the easiest way is to switch to a professional account. Indeed, only verified accounts have this option, at the discretion of the platform. You will need several thousand subscribers before you get the precious sesame.

  • Launch the latest version of instagram
  • Tap on your profile at the bottom right
  • And now on the 3 lines top right
  • There you will see the sentence below: Spend a professional account
  • Tap on it and the screens that follow
  • Think of take the best category for your services or products
  • Choose the option Professional

It will be necessary connect your Facebook account and even spend a euro to have links option within posts.

The free alternative is system D: edit the link on your profile in the line Website and don’t forget to mention it in your post: ” See the link in my bio“. Services such as also allow you to display multiple links from one.

  1. Instagram

    Instagram, photo marketing

    Many companies alongside the accounts of influencers and amateur photographers on Instagram. They profit for promote products or services through pretty pictures or videos. They generally generate a lot of Likes and comments. These publications also make it possible to communicate live with an international audience or your customers on the professional account.

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