How to add emoticons to a Discord server

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Start interesting conversations on Discord using custom emojis in chats.

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. While words in text chats are undoubtedly a great way to communicate, visual aids like emojis, pictures, and stickers can help you better describe your emotions.

Unlike other communication platforms, Discord allows its users to add and use new emojis in chats. Here’s a complete guide on how to download custom emojis to brighten up your conversations on Discord.

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Add emojis to a Discord server

Users with free accounts can only upload images as emojis, while Discord Nitro users can add animated emojis. Users without a Nitro account only get 50 emoji slots for free, which means you can only have 50 emojis at a time.

To upload an emoji to your server using Discord desktop / web:

  1. Head to the settings of server by clicking on the small menu icon next to the server name. Then select Emoji in the left sidebar and click Download emoji to continue.
  2. Select the image or GIF file using the file browser and Discord will automatically add the emoji. Discord uses the name of the downloaded file as the default emoji name.

To add an emoji using the Discord smartphone app, go to settings of server and press Emoji . Then press the button Download Emoji and choose the media file to continue.

Discord will load the file and confirm if you want to download it. You also have the option to crop the image here. Press on To download to finish adding emoji to the server.

These are the requirements for downloading an emoji:

  1. Image size must be less than 256 KB.
  2. Emoji names must be at least two characters long.
  3. Emoji names can only include alphanumeric characters and underscores.
  4. For animated emojis, a Discord Nitro account is required.

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Express your emotions better with emojis

Discord is an ideal team management platform for individuals and organizations. On Discord, you can set up roles, create new text and voice channels, add new emojis, and so on. While other communication apps offer similar functionality, Discord remains the best of all when it comes to communication.

Besides emojis, Discord also allows users to create custom stickers for their servers. Note that you will need a Nitro account to be able to add stickers to your server.

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