How to add emojis on Mac and Windows

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Back in the days when chart-based emojis were a thing, people used combinations of different keyboard characters to create a similar effect, like how 🙂 equals a smiley emoji ,: (to a frowning-face emoji, and Nowadays, with emojis being so readily available and accessible on our smartphones, what about our computers?

If you’re chatting from your computer and want a quick way to access and type emoticons in your writing, emails, or text messages, here’s how you can add them whether you’re using a Mac computer or a Windows setup.

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Add emojis on a Mac

With Mac computers, it looks like Apple actually makes it easier to add emojis to their chats or writing.

  1. Click on any text field
  2. Press on Ctrl + Cmd + Space
  3. This will bring up the emoji window
  4. Find the emoji you want or just click on what’s available in the list and it will add it to your text field
  5. Rinse and repeat the above steps to keep adding more

Adding emoticons on a Windows PC

Similar to Mac computers, Microsoft has introduced a keyboard shortcut that lets you bring up the emojis window where you can quickly click and select the emojis you want to add to your text.

  1. Click on any text field
  2. Press on Windows +; (semicolon) or It does not matter if you are looking for something. (period)
  3. This will open the emoji window
  4. Scroll down and click on the emoji you want to add to your text

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