How to add and remove a widget on the Android home screen

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One of the biggest advantages of Android over other operating systems is that it is fully customizable and adaptable to our needs. power thing add Yes remove widgets in the start screen of Android, is one of the many configurations that we can do on the phone or tablet.

We are going to see a simple guide so that you can quickly learn how to add a widget to the Android home screen and then remove it extremely quickly and easily. The guide focuses on the best pitchers because as you know, depending on the pitcher, the steps may vary slightly.

How to add a home screen widget on Android

The way to add a widget may vary depending on which launcher or launcher you have installed on your device, a launcher is an app that runs the home screen and the design of the phone.

As we discussed above, depending on which launcher you have on your device, the way we add the widget will be different, but not too much. We have made this guide with three different launchers on a Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. On the left side we will have the Samsung One UI Home, in the middle Nova Launcher and on the right side Smart Launcher 5.

The first thing you will need to do is press and hold on the home screen in an empty space.

Click the option "Widget".

Then a menu will appear and we will have to click on “Widgets” or “Add Widget”. For Nova users, they will have to scroll up through the widgets to open the menu.

Find the widget we want to add.

We will have several widgets to add, so we will have to scroll down to find the one we want to use.

To select.

Here we can click on the one we want to add, in some launchers we have to leave it down and drag.

In this way, we can add or add a widget to the Android home screen.

Sometimes a poster will appear where we need to give permissions to create the widget in question, we just click “Create” or “Accept” depending on the launcher.

How is it added to the screen? Here we are going to depend a bit on the size of the grid and the launcher itself. Most widgets are added in their native form which can vary between 1 × 1, 2 × 2, 3 × 4, etc. If there is not enough space where you want to add it, it can be added on another desktop.

Hold down to select the widget.

Luckily, delete a widget that we added is considerably easy. Again the captures that you can see a bit below were taken with a Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. On the left side with the Samsung One UI Home launcher, in the middle with Nova Launcher and on the right with Smart Launcher 5.

This way we can remove a widget from the Android home screen

We just hold the widget we want to remove for a few seconds. Here it will depend on the launcher, usually it is by clicking on the “X” or “Remove”. However, on some occasions we will have to drag it up or down to the trash.

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