How to add and manage iCloud mail on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

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iCloud mail allows you to receive, send, and organize your emails. It is a messaging service provided by Apple that also offers you the possibility to access many Apple brand services such as Apple Store, iTunes, iCloud (and iCloud Drive), Apple Music, iMessage, etc. You must know, but do you know exactly how it works? We will explain everything to you.

Why create an iCloud email address?

By having an iCloud Mail mailbox, beyond being able of course to send and receive emails, you will have multiple possibilities to take advantage of the services. iCloud among :

  • Store your messages, Pictures and videos online
  • Invite people to an event
  • View, add or remove attachments
  • Add an alert
  • Respond to an invitation
  • Move, delete or hide an event
  • Report unwanted invitations

Your iCloud mailbox also allows you to save disk space on your device, to synchronize your data between your different devices via iCloud Drive and little bonus, up to six people from the same family can pool their data.

How do I create an iCloud Mail account?

You have an iPhone 8, iPhone XR, or iPhone 11 (or any other for that matter) or a MacBook ? Want to get started using iCloud Mail, but don’t know where to start? First of all, if you want to use iCloud Mail, your Apple ID will need to end with Here’s how to create an iCloud Mail account on iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

Create iCloud Mail account on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap your name at the top> iCloud
  3. Activate Mail and select Create when the pop-up appears
  4. Set the iCloud email address you want to use> Next
  5. Check that you haven’t made any mistakes because you won’t be able to go back
  6. Tap Done

Create iCloud Mail account on MAC

  1. Enter the Apple menu> System Preferences
  2. If you are using a version earlier than MacOs 10.14, click Apple ID> iCloud
  3. If you are using a later version, click iCloud
  4. Check the Mail box
  5. Define the iCloud email address you want (example: [email protected])> OK
  6. Click on Create after having verified that you have not made any errors

Access your iCloud email: how to connect to your account?

In the same way as for a Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. mailbox, your mailbox iCloud Mail gives you the ability to send, receive and manage your mails on your device. To do this, you just have to configure it to use your Apple mail.

Now that you have defined your iCloud mail address, to set it up on your iPhone and / or iPad, follow these steps: Settings> Your name> iCloud> Activate mail

On Mac, choose Apple menu> System Preferences> iCloud> Mail

icloud mail mac

icloud mail mac

How to use iCloud mail: open and read your iCloud mail

When you receive a message in your iCloud mailbox, it will automatically be placed in the mailbox and your Apple device will notify you that you have received an email in the main mailbox window. All you have to do is click on Receive and choose to read your email.

How to change your iCloud email address on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

If you want to change the email address you are currently using on your Apple device to create an iCloud Mail address on iPhone and / or iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Settings> Your name
  2. Click on “Name, contact details, e-mail> Edit
  3. Select Remove your current Apple ID by pressing the red button on the left
  4. Add your new Apple email address

From a Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Create an iCloud email address as seen previously
  2. Sign out of all your devices that use your current Apple ID
  3. Appointment here > fill in the current Apple ID you want to change
  4. In the Account section, click Edit
  5. Click Change Apple ID
  6. Enter your new username> Continue

How to find your iCloud email address?

If you want to find your iCloud Mail email credentials or password from your iPhone and / or iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings> Your name
  2. Tap Password & security> Change password
  3. Enter your lock code
  4. Enter the new password for your username twice

From a Mac, the process is just as simple:

  1. Go to System Preferences> Apple ID
  2. Click on Password and security in the left menu
  3. Click on Change password
  4. Enter the session password> OK
  5. Enter your new password twice> Change

How to delete your iCloud email address?

To delete your iCloud email address on iPhone and iPad, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Settings> iCloud
  2. Scroll down and tap Remove account> Remove

On Mac, do the following:

  1. Click on the Apple icon then System Preferences
  2. Click Mail> Contacts> Calendars
  3. Select iCloud in the left pane of the window that opens
  4. Check the box next to the app you want to disable

Be careful, by deleting your iCloud Mail email account from your devices, all services related to iCloud will be disabled, you will no longer be able to synchronize or restore the iCloud backup.

How to empty your iCloud mailbox?

To empty your iCloud mailbox, follow these steps:

  1. Open Mail> Inbox
  2. Touch Edit (top right)> Select All or individually select the emails you want to delete
  3. Recycle Bin or Archive

If you make a mistake or mishandle, you can undelete an email message by shaking your device and then tapping Cancel.

And there you have it, you now know how to manage your iCloud Mail email account at your fingertips!


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