How to add a device to Google Play

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Adding a device to Google Play is easy, and you can do it on many devices. IOS devices can also use Google Play. However, they cannot use Google Play Games, which is exclusive to Android and Chrome OS devices. Read on for a detailed guide on how to pair a device with Google Play, we’ll give you some tips as well.

Every time you open the Play Store app, it connects to the Google Account you are currently using. You can easily switch between accounts in the app, but they must be registered on the device to be selected. In this way, you can link Google accounts to your smartphone, Chromebook or tablet in use.

This means that you can register a Google account on any device and it will be linked to that device in the Play Store, thus adding a new device. Now, if you were to access the Play Store through a web browser, any apps you choose to install will have the option to select devices (those in your Google account).

So if you have two phones, add your google account and log into the play store app, this phone is now a new device added to your play store account.

Without further ado, here’s how to link a device to your Google Play account:

  1. Launch the application Settings on your Android, Chromebook, or iOS device.
  2. Then you need to select Account ( Users and accounts on some devices) > Add an account> Google.
  3. Enter your Google credentials (the ones you use for Gmail), tap Go on and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. You now have a new Google account linked to the device, which means that you have successfully added a new device to the Google Play Store.

Add a payment method to Google Play

Note that you will need to set up a payment method if you want to purchase apps, books, movies, or TV shows in your account and on certain devices. Without a payment method, you can only download free apps and games on any device.

Follow the instructions to add your preferred payment method to your Google Play account:

  1. Visit the website official Google Play payment methods on any browser.
  2. To touch Add a credit or debit card, under the tab Add a payment method on the site.
  3. Enter your card number, expiration date and CVC. Then add your name and billing address.
  4. Awards to safeguard and your payment method will be saved.

How to add or create an account on Google Play?

Devices and Google Play

Switching between Google Play accounts is easy. When you want to change devices, the process is a bit more tedious, due to security protocols. Google will send you an email or text alert about someone accessing your Google Play account from another device.

Confirm that you are accessing the account and you should be able to use your Google Play account on another device in no time.

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