how to activate the new dark mode?

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The dark mode of the Google Maps navigation app is finally rolling out on Android (the update should arrive on iOS soon). How do I activate it?

Announced in October 2019, the navigation application for smartphones Google maps is finally gradually acquiring in a dark mode, or dark mode, like what Waze or Plans already offer. Until now, the application was limited to an option to darken the map in the navigation view.

How to activate Google Maps dark mode on Android?

The Google Maps application therefore now offers and since version 10.51.1 a brand new dark mode. Note that this mode is currently being deployed around the world, and on Android smartphones. It should be available on iOS in the coming days or weeks. Here is the procedure to activate it.

  • Download the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone (named: Maps – Navigation and public transport on Google Play)
  • Tap on your Google profile icon, located at the top right of the screen, next to the search box
  • Then go to the tab Settings
  • Then go to Appearance
  • Finally choose either Dark, is System Default Settings if Android system-wide dark mode is enabled
  • The trick is played 🥳

If your device is compatible, turning on the Google Maps dark theme should encompass the search box and bottom bar, both of which should take on a gray tint. The texts should appear lavender blue in color. Finally, the various buttons at the top of the map should be a slightly darker gray.

We’ll also keep you updated as soon as we know more about the update rollout on iPhone.

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