How to Activate Laptop Camera ≫ Quick and Easy

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Turn off and on the laptop camera again is a possible solution to the problems with this device. Additionally, many users are concerned that their camera may be activated without their knowledge, due to the intervention of malware. For this reason, this article is responsible for detailing the steps to turn off camera in any team, regardless of the operating system you are using.

Likewise, the process of activating the camera is similar to the deactivation process and it is necessary to know it in order to make video calls or other online activities which are very common today. In case problem to perform this process, will also present some advice and solutions in this text. Besides restarting, updating drivers among other simple tips can be important.

the activation and deactivation process It’s very similar, but in this section the focus will be on the latter. That works on any Windows computer, but the name of the buttons may vary slightly depending on the version. The procedure you need to perform is given below:

  1. Open start and writes “Device administrator“In the search bar. When finished, press the “Introduction” To access.
  2. Click on the option “Audio and video controllers and gaming devices”To display the list of devices in this category.
  3. The name of the controller depends on the equipment installed, so look for the one with the word “Webcam“And right click on it.
  4. To choose “Deactivate the device”.
  5. It will then be necessary Restart the system for the configuration changes to take effect.

In case you want disable an external camera connected via USB, the procedure is similar. However, this option will be located in the “Imaging device“And has the name like”USB Camera”.

How to activate the laptop camera
To activate the laptop’s camera, whether it is built-in or USB, the process is the same as for deactivating it. Simply performs the same steps as deactivation, except that if it is disabled the deactivation option will be replaced by the activation option. If this procedure does not work, there may be a hardware or driver problem that is preventing the device from working properly.

It is important to check if the team has coverage, this is included in some laptops such as Lenovo or HP and will not allow the camera to transmit an image although it is enabled, so it must be removed. Likewise, you must check the on / off switch that some cameras have and make sure it is in the on position before using it.

Common problems and solutions

Common issues when activating or deactivating a laptop camera
after activating the camera, it does not work correctly, even after performing the indicated steps, it may be due to different reasons such as outdated drivers or restrictive privacy settings on your computer. Other possible causes are that the program you want to use has an error or that the protection software is interfering. Next, possible solutions will be presented for these disadvantages:

  • Upgrade equipment: Enter the house, search for “Windows Update“And click on it to access it. At this point, press “Check for updates”To see if any updates are available, in which case it is recommended to install them and restart the computer.
  • Update drivers: You can do it from “Device administrator“, Just right click on the camera controller and select”Update the driver software …”.
  • Change privacy: In Windows 10, it may be necessary to change the privacy by following the direction “Home> Settings> Privacy> Camera”. Once in this section, enable access to the camera.
  • Check the operation of the camera: If there are no problems with the use of the camera in other applications, there is surely an error in the program which does not allow its use. In Windows 10, you can check this information opening the application Camera”.
  • Check the USB input: When the external camera does not work, it may be because it is poorly connected or the input has been damaged.
  • Reinstall the driver: From Device Manager, right click on the driver and uninstall. Then, in the actions menu, select “Check for hardware changes“And wait until the drivers are reinstalled.
  • Disable protection: Temporarily disabling the antivirus may be the solution, as these programs can cause interference. It is also possible to check the anti-virus settings and activate the necessary permissions.

Another common alternative is to restart the computer and in some cases it is necessary to install the driver software from the camera web page. If none of the above solutions is sufficient, visit the Microsoft Community Forum for Windows Camera, where the users with similar experiences they can help each other.

Turning a laptop camera on and off It is a quick and easy process from the device manager, it is very important to know this in case there is any problem with this equipment.

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