how to activate God Mode or “God Mode”

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Windows 10’s God Mode isn’t new. It is one of the most useful features of the operating system and yet so little known. This “God Mode” also exists on older versions of the OS, up to Windows 7, and its operation has not changed. We explain how to activate it to have quick access to all the essential functions of your PC.

Windows 10 is packed with useful features, many of which are buried deep within the confines of the system. Microsoft is continually changing the user experience, and many options that were once accessible from the Control Panel are now scattered throughout the Settings app menus. If the old habits are too ingrained in you, it is always possible to find your marks, the one you had on a previous version of the OS. This is, among other things, what the God Mode, a real Swiss Army knife that allows you to perform various tasks on Windows 10.

We gave you a whole series of tutorials to explain how to remove the password at startup or how uninstall preinstalled apps you don’t want. With God Mode, go to the next level without taking your head.

Windows 10’s God Mode, to control everything

God Mode is not a new feature. The experts of Windows probably already know it. This feature provides access to more than 200 parameters, from the most prominent to the most unknown. And thanks to the search bar in the upper right corner, you can easily find specific parameters. In short, God Mode is a unique location that opens the doors to many nooks and crannies of Windows. To access God Mode, here’s how:

1. Right click in the blank on the Desktop and create a new folder that you need to rename with exactly that name: GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}


2. Press enter, and the icon should change shape and display “GodMode”.

3. Double click on it to see all the parameters of Windows 10 appear before your amazed eyes, from display to history, power management, storage or even user accounts. Everything is here !

It is quite simply the best way to have one-click access to all Windows 10 settings. If you use some more than others, you can very easily add shortcuts to the desktop by right-clicking your mouse, then choosing “Create Shortcut”.


God Mode seems much better organized than the classic settings menu in Windows 10 which is an endless branch of sub-categories where it is difficult to navigate. This time double click on God Mode and everything will show in one place as a list.

We hope you found this tip helpful. We hope that through the various updates, Windows will continue to offer tweaks that are useful to all. To go further, also discover our tutorial to unlock Windows 10 secret settings.

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