how to activate dark mode

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You can turn on Windows 10 dark mode for a better comfort and to avoid the fatigue of your eyes. In this article, we show you how to do it. The dark theme can be accessed directly in the system settings. Initially, it was necessary to modify the registry.

Spending hours every day in front of a screen can have a bad impact on the eyes. The user has access to settings to minimize risks, such as reducing the screen brightness to their liking. For better visual comfort, many preferred a dark mode more pleasant, especially at night. And that, Microsoft understood it and proposes to activate a dark theme in the personalization settings of Windows 10.

Use Windows 10 dark mode

Let us specify before coming to the activation of the dark mode that the latter only concerns the applications of the system as well as the universal Windows applications, that is to say those accessible on the Windows Store. All other settings screens and windows specific to Windows 10 also go into dark mode. But the changes do not apply to third-party apps. However, there are solutions for these special cases.

To enable Windows 10 dark theme:

  • Go to Settings> Personalization
  • In the left side menu, go to the tab Colors
  • Scroll to the bottom and activate the option “Dark” at the level of the two options default Windows mode and default application mode Turn on Windows 10 dark mode

Now all Windows 10 windows as well as Windows universal apps will show in dark mode.

Enable dark theme in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox

Why stop there when it is possible to go much further in personalization? Some apps have their own dark theme. This is the case for the applications of the Office suite. Most browsers also allow you to activate a dark theme. Chrome and Firefox as far as they are concerned automatically adapt their theme to the system default choice.

In Microsoft Edge, the home browser, it must be activated manually. Click the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner, then click Settings. In the left menu, click Appearance. Click on the drop-down menu at the “default theme” line, then select the “Dark” option. Alternatively, choose the option System default theme to automatically apply the Windows 10-wide preference.

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