How to activate and schedule dark mode on Android

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Can we activate and program dark mode on Android. This mode makes the user interface dark. It is ideal and easy on the eyes at night when we are in the dark or in the dark.

Dark Mode for Android came when version 10 of the operating system was released and is available for this version and later. This dark mode applies to the entire operating system. However, this does not apply to apps, as it will depend on the developer of the same.

Likewise, it is possible to enable dark mode in Instagram and even in Outlook. Although we have to keep doing a few things to achieve this. This dark mode is available on all devices with Android 10 or later. However, this may vary depending on the model and brand of the phone in question. The tutorial that we will see below was made with Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices. Although it should be similar on other mobile phones.

How to activate dark mode on Android

The first thing we’ll do is slide our finger off the top of the screen, once or twice, until we see the gear icon to enter “Settings”. We can also do this from the icon that appears in the application box.

You will now have to look for the “Screen” section. This is where the options may vary depending on the phone manufacturer. Most call it “Dark Mode” while in others we find “Dark Theme” at “Night Mode” but it’s the same.

Enable dark mode on Android 10 or later

So let’s go to “Dark theme“Or”Dark mode settings“. Then we will have to click on “Program”. In this section we will be able to activate the dark mode and we can choose if we want to activate it from dusk to dawn. That way when it gets dark it will be on and when it gets up to date it will automatically be off.

How to set the dark theme on Android

In the case of applications, it is necessary to check in its configuration if it has activated it. As we mentioned before, this mode applies only to the operating system and to apply it to the various applications that we have installed, it will depend purely and exclusively on each developer.

However, as you can see, it is too easy to turn on and schedule dark mode on Android. Within minutes, you can keep using your phone overnight without damaging or straining your eyes.

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