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The Windows 10 control panel is becoming less and less accessible. Sacrificed on the altar of the Settings menu, he is now relegated to second place. Many configuration options are still there. In this article, we show you how to access it much faster.

Windows 10 changed a lot of habits. Although the system is no longer quite new, some corners are still difficult to access. This is the case of control panel which has given way to the Settings application. In early versions of Windows 10, it was accessible in the context menu of the Start button (right click on the button).

The panel has finally disappeared since the Creators Update of April 2017. However, many settings still require access to the good old program. Here is a trick to access it easily and much faster.

How to easily open the Control Panel in Windows 10

You can find almost all the options of the system from the Windows search bar. It is therefore the first solution that naturally comes to mind when looking for the control panel in the settings without finding it. So just do the search by entering the keyword sign in the search bar. The option should appear in the results without you entering the rest.

It’s that simple. But you can make it even easier for yourself the next time you want to open Control Panel. Three possible solutions: create a shortcut on the desktop, pin the panel to the taskbar or to the Start menu.

To create Control Panel shortcut on the desktop:

  • Look for the panel in the Windows search bar
  • Make a right click on the result> Open file location
  • A folder named Windows system opens with some links to system components
  • Right click on Control Panel> Send To> Desktop (create shortcut)

Well, that’s as simple as that. And to add the panel to the taskbar, right click on the icon from the taskbar when the application is open. Then click Pin to taskbar.

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