How my love for Natasha St-Pier allowed me to discover the craziest MakerSpace in Africa.

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Photo credit: Kevin McElvany

Many articles, studies, docuses, have already been produced about Agbogbloshie. A media coverage that has not gone without debate – mainly around the unfathomable question of the origin of this waste. Where do they come from ? From the nearby Ghanaian capital or from distant developed countries?

But this post (already long as the left leg of Michael Jordan) does not aim to fuel this debate, nor to talk to you only about the misery of Agbogbloshie. Because the mysterious playlist I told you about above made me discover a crazy – and wildly optimistic – project which has been developing there for a few years.

This project is called AMP, for Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform.
And it’s much better than the last Avengers.

To put it simply: AMP aims to transform the landfill into a real makerspace. Or how to industrialize, rationalize and make even more efficient the whole economy of the hack and the recovery of the “Digital Dumping Ground” of Accra.

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