How iPhone Focus Mode Works

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Surprise, Apple is introducing a new Concentration mode to help iPhone owners stop being distracted by their phone. Practical, this new function automatically filters notifications, messages according to the time of day and the context (weekend, work, driving, etc.). Now, let’s take a closer look at how Focus Mode works in iOS 15.

What is iPhone Focus mode for?

How many times do you check your smartphone per day? Certainly far too often. Studies have shown that notifications and the infinite scrolling of social media news feeds can have a negative impact on our health but also on our concentration.

Who has never grabbed their phone to read articles or watch uninteresting videos on the internet? Each of us has already experienced such a misfortune. It’s a fact, today it’s more and more difficult to stay focused on a task.

For people wishing to regulate the use of their iPhone, Apple launches the Concentration mode. Whether you are at work, in class, in the car or at home, this new function will limit the number of notifications and only keep those that seem important to it.

This tool offers an interesting approach to keeping young and old away from their phone screens. Contrary to do not disturb mode which blocks all alerts and puts the user in a bubble, the Concentration mode adapts the filtering of notifications according to his activities.

Of course, this new mode has tools for creating personalized filters and choosing who can call you depending on whether you are at work, on the weekend, on public transport, at sports, etc.

Once the settings have been established, you can, for example, block Instagram notifications as soon as you are at work but let messages from your children’s school or your mother pass through. The tool offers great flexibility of use. You can create as many scenarios as you want.

Set up iPhone Focus Mode

Apple’s new digital well-being tool is one of the major new features of this fifteenth version of iOS. Its configuration may seem tedious at first. But it will allow you to create multiple profiles to avoid being distracted by your phone.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Select the Concentration section which is just above screen time
  • On the main screen you will find different modes (do not disturb, sleep, personal and work)
  • Don’t forget to turn on the Share with other devices switch so that your other Apple gadgets (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac) can all benefit from these changes
  • Then select Work mode
  • Click the next button
  • Then appears the page entitled persons authorized for notifications
  • Tap the More button to choose who gets to see their call notifications appear on your iPhone screen while you’re in the office
  • Select the contacts of your choice from your phone book
  • To save you time, iOS offers to add contact groups (everyone, favorites, no one or groups previously defined in the contacts application)
  • Validate your choice by pressing the Ok button at the top of the window
  • Now you will have to choose the applications authorized to send you notifications
  • Check the corresponding box
  • To not miss any important notifications from your applications, do not forget to activate the Urgent button

There it’s finished. You have just configured the different profile options linked to your job. You will need to repeat the operations described above for the other profiles. Note that it is possible to further customize concentration mode by blocking the display of notification dots on your phone screen. This option is in the home screen section.

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