How does the new “Personal Add” sticker on Instagram work?

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Stories have grown among Instagram users. It’s normal, influencers and other brands will use it to publish temporary messages. Most of the time little anecdotes or confidences. Success is there and Instagram continues toinnovate to enhance Stories even more.

In addition, the stickers are also very popular, on all social networks. Did you know? It is already possible to convert a selfie to a sticker on Instagram. As a result Meta, the parent company launched a sticker of another type. With “Add Custom»Subscribers will be able to contribute and post a photo or video to your story. This is perfect for challenges or surveys. Another success guaranteed so how does it work?

How to use the new sticker Add Custom on Instagram

Please install the latest version of Instagram if you haven’t already.

  • Launch the app
  • Push the button New Publication on top
  • Choose option Story down this time
  • Take your picture or record your video
  • Now on top, select sticker icon, the smiley with a corner peeled off
  • The sticker Add Custom is top right as shown below
  • Tap on it and add your message
  • That’s it!

You only have towait for reactions from subscribers and consult the discussions around your Story.

  1. Instagram

    Instagram, the push to communities

    At the very beginning, Instagram was a fairly static photo sharing platform with filters. It’s a lot more dynamic now. With the arrival of the video especially then the Stories. Finally, the new stickers “Personal Add” gives an even greater dimension exchanges and other contributions.

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