How do you see all the links you’ve visited on Instagram?

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If you are one of the billions of Instagram users around the world, you will also be constantly opening new content within this social network. And it’s likely that it will happen to you, at some point, that you lose sight of what content you were interested in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a store or someone else. Therefore, we want to show you how see all links What have you visited on Instagram.

So that there is no doubt in this regard, it should be specified that we refer in particular to all the cases in which we click on the browser integrated into the platform. That is, every time you click on an Instagram link that opens the built-in browser, you can later check what that content is.

Go through the links I visited on Instagram one by one

That said, seeing all of the links you have visited on Instagram is very easy. Do it this way:

  • Open the Instagram app as usual on your iPhone or Android
  • Access your profile by touching the image in the lower right corner
  • In this section you will see that there is a section called Your Activity
  • Already inside, a category of links appears
  • When you open it, you’ll find all the links you clicked, in chronological order
  • What if I want to hide a link?

    If you’re a little ashamed of any of the links you’ve visited, all you need to do is do the following:

  • In the list of links, tap and hold on the one you want to hide
  • After a few seconds, this option will appear, that of Hide
  • Click on it and you’re done, it will stop appearing
  • Now you should be fully aware that hiding the link will not remove the link information or erase your history visit on Instagram servers. Of course, no one else will be able to see it on your profile. But Facebook will continue to use it when it tries to personalize the ads you see.

    What if I want to hide the entire history?

    In this case, you have, at the top of the screen, the Hide history function. Again, this will hide any links you’ve visited in plain sight. But this information will continue to run in the background, changing your user experience. For example, again, when it comes to preparing advertisements.

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