How do I stop the blue light from my Android device?

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Blue light represents part of the scepter of what is called visible light. It is diffused by the sun, but also by other light sources such as the screen of your Android smartphone or your tablet. If the “turquoise blue” light remains beneficial for our morale and the proper functioning of our body, the blue-violet light diffused by our screens, on the other hand, will have repercussions on the quality of our sleep and lead to eye disorders. . It is therefore necessary to find solutions to be able to enjoy our Android devices in complete safety.

Appropriate glasses to protect your eyes

Among the most effective solutions to combat the harmful effects of blue light, anti blue light glasses LUSEE are particularly recommended. Their UV400 protective lenses allow you to be effectively protected against the blue light of your Android device, computer or TV. Equipped with a light frame with anti-reflective and panoramic lenses, the LUSEE glasses offer optimal viewing comfort and help fight against visual fatigue. You will also be able to see a real difference with increased depth and contrast and preserved colors. Different types of models are offered, at various prices (from 29.90 to 69.90 euros). Note that the glasses are supplied with a protective case and a microfiber cloth for the maintenance of your glasses.

Applications to reduce blue light

Dedicated platforms offer plenty of apps for you to reduce blue light on your devices. In particular, you can opt for the ” iBlue: blue light filter “. This small utility (only 0.2 MB) offers you the possibility of choosing the color of the filter. You also have a timer to automate the process. The application ” Blue light filter: night mode Is also a possible solution if you want to relieve your eyes.

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