How do I know if my Tinder account has been blocked or banned and how I can get it back

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How do I know if I’ve been blocked on Tinder? The truth is that this is one of the main doubts that exist around this platform that allows us to flirt and meet people, because if it is from meet new people, sometimes we breaking a platform rule and blocking us without realizing it. But don’t worry, here’s how you can get your account back Tinder.

It’s no secret that Tinder has been seizing more and more strength in the market in recent years. He became extremely popular in today’s young audience, sothat it can get more and more strict with its rules, so it is much easier to end up with the blocked account, due to a small violation you commit.

Or also, it can be the simple fact that someone doesn’t like you anymore consider that you are constantly theto bother. So he just decided to block you, so that you stop contacting him.

Indeed we said that Tinder is one of the best applications for meet people, andtoday we want to focus on the answer to whether we’ve been stuck in Tinder, because we know a lot of people are interested. What you need to consider in such situations is that some users, when others are bothering them, may end up blocking them in this app.

Well the truth is to be blocked in Tinder This is obviously very bad news, because it means that this person who maybe interested us, did not have the same interest, and decided to block us so as not to disturb you. Anyway, it must be said in this regard that this is an interesting function of this social network, which we can also use to our advantage if necessary.

What is happening is that Tinder, has a function that we lets block people who are not to our liking, and using this function is really easy, since we just have to go to that person’s profile, and give them block, and he will no longer write to us. How do we know if someone has blocked us? There are several tips or questions you should consider in these cases.

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If I have been blocked, can I recover my account?

If you want to know if someone blocked you on Tinder, thefirst thing you need to do is send him a message. If the double check is never verified, that other person has probably blocked us completely. The truth is, you may also not have an internet connection at the time, although it is the least likely in such cases, of course. This is the first element to consider.

But if you want to be completely sure what you have to do is enter the profile of the person we want to know if they’ve blocked us, and if we can’t see any of their photos, interests and other information, because we’re finally going to confirm that they’ve blocked us. Therefore, you should always be polite and careful when talking to others for Tinder, in order to avoid these situations.

But look on the bright side, if someone blocks you from Tinder, that does not mean that he may affect your account itself, but simply prohibited you from accessing it, in addition to any contact you can make with it, through the social network. So, you don’t have to worry about your account itself, because you will be able to continue using it normally, and still meet more people on it.

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Although it is understandable that relating to strangers, besides sending messages to various people is part of the essence of the social network. You should know that sometimes your attitude or your temper can go wrong, so that you can make the other person uncomfortable.

You must be able to identify, when someone is interested in you, and when not, so it will be much easier to know when is a good time to walk away from someone. This avoids future problems and discomfort.

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