Here’s how to watch your Amazon series offline

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With several million members to its credit, Amazon Prime Video has become one of the most popular streaming services alongside netflix and DisneyPlus.

Like them, he offers a wide variety of films, series, documentaries and even original productions. On the other hand, unlike its competitors, in addition to watching streaming content, Amazon Prime also allows you to rent or buy it.

Otherwise, the advantages are about the same, you can, for example, enjoy your favorite series in offline mode.

In this article, we tell you how to download Amazon Prime Videos content to watch without an internet connection and under what conditions.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime

For your Amazon Prime subscription, you can choose to subscribe annually for 49 € with a first month free or monthly at €5.99. If you are a student, Amazon has set up the Prime Student service at 24 € per year.

By subscribing to the annual subscription, you benefit from a 30-day free trial, after which you can cancel so as not to have to pay for the remaining months.

Thus, you will be able to download your videos and enjoy a plethora of advantages such as immediate streaming on your screens and accelerated delivery.

Download an Amazon Prime video

You can download any Amazon Prime video content, provided you do so from compatible platforms, i.e. Amazon Fire tablets or iOS and Android devices.

Unfortunately, this is impossible from a computer, whether Mac or PC.

Indeed, Amazon only allows the download of your videos with mobile devices because it is done via the applicationAmazon Prime Videoavailable on Android or iOS and already pre-installed on Amazon’s Fire tablets.

Its use is simple, here is how to proceed:

  • Install the app on your smartphone and log in with your Amazon credentials.
  • Make sure you are connected to WiFi
  • Choose which movie or series to watch
  • Tap on it to access information

If the content you selected is available, then you will see To download below option Reading. At that time, if it is a seriesyou can choose to record the whole season or just a few episodes.

You will also be offered to choose an additional audio language, in addition to the automatically recorded one.

Finally, you will find all your files in the section Downloads located at the bottom of your screen.

You are ready to enjoy your series and movieswherever you are, with or without internet.

This may take a bit of time depending on your connection speed, so to not feel like you’re wasting time, we recommend doing it in the evening.

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