Here’s how to follow the very likely Windows 11 announcement live

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Microsoft may have made a name for itself in software, but the company has looked to other areas in recent years. The ever-expanding Surface PC lineup and next-gen Xbox consoles have been the top priorities, but it looks like Windows will take center stage this month.

An official Microsoft event has been confirmed for June 24, the first dedicated to Windows in many years. Its titled What’s Next for Windows suggests that big changes are coming.

Thanks to various leaks and rumors, it is now almost certain that Windows 11 will be unveiled at this event. Here it will be possible for you to attend and what to expect.

When will Microsoft’s Windows 11 event take place?

The Windows event will take place on June 24 and will launch at 5 p.m., French timetable. A second event specifically aimed at developers has also been announced. It will take place on the same day at 9 p.m. French time.

Watch the Windows 11 event live

We know when the event will take place, but it remains to be seen how to follow it … Microsoft website page prompts you to receive a recall notification, which suggests that the event will be broadcast live from this page and from Twitter.

The most likely alternative is the Windows official YouTube channel, although a streaming here remains to be confirmed. We’ll update this article as soon as we know more.

The subsequent developer-focused event will certainly be broadcast on YouTube, and a page is already live on the Windows Developer channel.

What to expect from the Windows 11 event?

Microsoft captioned the event “What’s Next for Windows” and CEO Satya Nadella described it as “the next generation of Windows”, but nothing concrete has yet been revealed by the company.

However, all signs indicate an official launch of Windows 11, suggesting that Microsoft will release a brand new operating system. This would contradict what the company said when announcing Windows 10, although that is six years ago now.

It looks like Windows 11 is the official name of “Sun Valley”, and most of the rumored 21H2 feature updates are being incorporated into this new system. A first version has also been publicly leaked, revealing some of the main features of Windows 11.

The most important updates seem to be a new design language and multitasking features, but there will likely be more that we haven’t heard of yet. This would also justify the launch of a brand new version of Windows.

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