here is how to type the € and £ symbols with your keyboard

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Is your keyboard orphaned by the € and £ signs when you regularly need them in your office tasks? Don’t panic, there are several ways to easily type them. We take stock.

At first glance, keyboards are obviously far from integrating all the symbols. There would indeed not be enough space to incorporate them all. Even more so on small formats. That being said, there are several alternatives to still easily type certain signs that do not appear on the keyboard at first. This Wednesday, we are interested in how to write two currency symbols, namely the euro and the pound.

The keyboards do not actually carry all the famous € or £. How, then, to make them appear in your word processing software or other? Here’s how you run on Windows. First, check if your keyboard has a numeric keypad. If so, it will be very easy to execute you. Indeed, you will only have to keep the Alt key pressed while entering the code 0128 if you wish to display the € symbol. If you want to write the £ sign instead, just hold down the Alt key while typing 0163.

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€ and £ symbols: various tips to type them with your keyboard

On a Mac keyboard, the technique is obviously very different than that in force on Windows. You must therefore press the Option (alt) and $ keys at the same time. This will allow you to write the initials euro. Still, keyboards do not all have a numeric keypad. Other tips exist for typing the two acronyms. On Windows, you must press Ctrl + Alt + 4 at the same time for the euro symbol. As for the pound symbol, you have to press Shift and 3.

Other techniques, a little more time-consuming, also make it possible to write these two symbols. Which are obviously present on the Web. So you can especially copy them directly from a web page before pasting them into your work. Finally, be aware that word processing software most of the time incorporates a table of special characters. You will be able to find your happiness there.

Always in the radius of particular characters, here is how to capitalize with accent on an AZERTY keyboard. We have also concocted for you a tutorial to easily switch from qwerty to azerty on your keyboard.

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