Here is a technique to take advantage of more HDMI ports on your TV

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Year after year, televisions evolve, HD gives way to 4K, HDR or 8K and screens continue to grow.

Yet despite this constant progress, there is one point on which manufacturers do not sufficiently develop their devices: the HDMI ports. Indeed, TVs are sorely lacking in connectivity.

This is a surprisingly risky decision, especially since today most users own one or more game consoles, set-top boxes, sound bars or even 4K Blu-ray players.

Fortunately, it is possible to add HDMI ports to any television, thanks to our trick explained in the rest of this article.

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Buy an HDMI switch

The only way to equip your TV with several HDMI ports is to get a switch, which will then allow you to switch from one HDMI input to another.

You will easily find this type of product on Amazon, we have tested the three entry model ofUGreen.

Its use is very simple, just connect the output port of the switch to your television via an HDMI cable. Then you can connect up to three HDMI devices to the switch.

In addition, it incorporates automatic switching, which means that it systematically detects the last connected HDMI input. You can therefore juggle between two devices without having to reconfigure their connection. In case, it does not work, it has a physical button but also a remote control that allows you to select the inputs at a distance.

Its data rate is high enough to enjoy a 4K at 30Hz or 1080p at 60Hz connection, however it will not be sufficient for gaming. [email protected]

Note that most HDMI switches, including the UGreen we recommend, are not sold with a HDMI cable, which you will need to purchase separately.

HDMI Switch vs HDMI Splitter

Do not confuse an HDMI switch with a HDMI splitter (separator), because both are the exact opposite.

While a HDMI switch allows you to add multiple HDMI inputs and connect them all to a single port on your TV, a splitter is designed to transform a single HDMI input into multiple outputs.

This is what you need if you want to connect a game console to multiple TVs, or both a TV and a projector.

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