Here are 5 tips to avoid glare on your computer screen

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Nothing prevents you from teleworking outside to take advantage of the good weather. This is the perfect opportunity to sunbathe while working, studying from your laptop.

However, not all computer models are designed for outdoor use. Indeed, in direct sunlight, you will probably have a hard time distinguishing what is displayed on some screens, not to mention the fact that your device may have a tendency to overheat.

To help you make your computer screen readable and thus stay productive, here are 5 recommendations.

Prepare your work environment

Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, it is essential to be correctly installed and in a suitable manner.

To do this, we recommend that you place your computer on a solid and stable surface, such as your garden table or on a support, for example.

It is also important to us that you choose a place in which you will feel comfortable for 8 hours, or more.

The idea of ​​sitting in the sun is appealing, but you should prefer a shady spot. So neither you nor your laptop will feel the negative effects of a long time spent in the heat.

Adjust your brightness

Most laptops automatically adjust their brightness according to the ambient light, however the result is not always reliable.

To make sure the configuration is correct, in Windows, go to SettingsSystemDisplay, then activate the option Adjust the brightness level.

On Mac, go to ApplePreferences SystemMonitor and drag the brightness slider.

You can also activate the mode High contrast on your PC, it inverts the colors and makes your text stand out more. To do this, go to SettingsErgonomic options and in the menu on the left, click on the tab High contrast.

From macOS, return to System PreferencesAccessibilityDisplay, then check the box next to Invert colors.

Both operating systems offer various customization options from these menus.

Take steps to reduce glare

With the improvement in display technology, most manufacturers have replaced matte models with much more reflective glosses.

However, if you’re not in the market for a new device, there are other ways you can reduce glare.

For example, take a screen protector film, it will prevent your shiny screen from being reflective.

For a complete solution, use a computer sunshade, such as the cabin BeMatik where the Notebooktent of iCap.

Regularly used by sports photographers, they can protect your laptop from all the elements encountered in an outdoor environment.

You can also reuse cardboard to cover the top and sides of your laptop.

Fill up the battery

After a full charge, most computers last a whole day.

This is to make sure yours battery is at peak capacity, so you don’t have to walk near an outlet later in the day.

Wear sunglasses

Besides eye protection, better visibility is one of the main benefits of wearing sunglasses. So it goes without saying that they are essential when working outdoors.

If you usually wear glasses, the adaptive and anti-blue light lenses of Tuknon are a great way to switch to an outdoor ambience, without altering your vision.

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