Here are 5 tips for taking photos underwater with your iPhone

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For several generations, the iPhone has the distinction of being resistant to water and dust. However, before throwing it in the deep end, it is important to understand the nuance between resistance and tightness. Indeed, even if it can cope with splashes without difficulty and survive a water accident, your iPhone risks oxidation if it is immersed for too long.

So, if you want to take pictures of the seabed while on vacation or of your friends in the pool, it is safer to protect your iOS. That way you won’t expose it to drowning and your shots will be of much better quality.

We give you 5 simple tips to take underwater photos while avoiding damage to your iPhone.

Note that liquid damage is not covered by the Apple warranty.


What to know before swimming with your iPhone

First of all, we remind you that not to put a shell on your iPhone before diving is at your own risk …

Then, please make sure you have configured all your camera settings (resolution, filters, etc.) upstream in Settings.

Underwater, it is virtually impossible to use the touchscreen of an iOS. However, you can use the volume controls to capture your shots.

Once your photoshoot is over, do not charge your iPhone while it is still wet. Let it dry for several hours before connecting it to a power source.


Buy a waterproof iPhone case

The iPhone 7, released in September 2016, was the first Apple smartphone to achieve an IP67 rating. Since then, Apple has not failed to give its latest models an IP68 waterproofing.

In all fairness, despite their waterproofness we don’t think it’s a good idea to take it with you underwater unprotected, and Apple, too, for that matter.

To protect your iOS, we recommend that you equip yourself with a waterproof shell or case. This way you can fully enjoy your underwater session without worrying.

The ProCase pouch, for example, is designed so that you can reach the side and Home buttons without a problem. It is available in different colors from € 10.99 on Amazon.

There are more complete models like the BDIG shell to which a float is attached so that your smartphone does not sink. It is priced at € 18.80 at Amazon.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography, it is difficult to master and requires a lot of patience. Indeed, in water, remember that light refracts in different ways.

We recommend that you take pictures during the day, lit by the sun, since natural light gives much better results. To avoid strange shadow play and poor quality, forget about night sessions …

Otherwise, the flash can be used, however we do not recommend it because it can disturb the focus and colors of your shots. If you need more light, then you can buy a diving torch on Amazon.

Stability underwater is very important. In addition to making sure your model doesn’t move too much, have a steady hand.

To stay still, we advise you to buy a monopod such as the VKESEN, on Amazon at € 17.99. This accessory will help you maintain your iPhone and create beautiful underwater videos or panoramas.


Dress accordingly

For an optimal immersion experience, it can be useful to have pockets to store your iPhone or accessories and to wear well-fitting clothing so as not to feel any discomfort.

Finally, do not hesitate to equip your iPhone with a wrist strap to avoid losing it in the abyss.

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