Harry Potter: two ways to watch your favorite saga streaming

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Since 2001, after the literary series of the same name achieved incredible success, the Harry Potter saga has been shown on the big screen for the first time. Almost 20 years later, the story of this young wizard and his friends still fascinates children… and adults.

Long available on Netflix, the service has finally signed the cessation of its broadcasting. However, be reassured, because since October 2019 other platforms allow you to dive back into the magical world of these 8 components that have become classics. To find out which ones, read the rest of this article.

Do you have a few Harry Potter fans (big or small) around you? Do not hesitate to take a look at our selection of best derivatives.

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Harry Potter on YouTube

During the previous confinement, we had the pleasure of following the adventures of the wizard every Tuesday evening. As a result, you could find each film in Replay on TF1 or even for rental on MYTF1 VOD.

However, since July 20, 2020, this service no longer exists, the first French channel having decided to stop it.

Fortunately, all Harry Potter movies are available for purchase or rental on the YouTube platform. To rent them in HD, you will have to pay € 2.99 for each. On the other hand, if you choose to buy it, then it will cost you € 7.99.

Here is a list of YouTube links:

If you have a DVD player at home, then why not treat yourself to the full Harry Potter 8 films set? You can get it on Cdiscount for € 24.99 or on the Fnac for 39 €!

Harry Potter on Google Play

Like on YouTube, you can get Harry Potter through Google Play. Unlike YouTube, the prices are € 2.99 for rental and € 9.99 for purchase. Also, you can get the Complete Pack for € 40.99It does not matter if you are looking for something.

Here is the list of Google Play links:

Harry Potter on Disney +?

The Harry Potter saga was produced and distributed by Warner Bros. In 2018, the American production company struck a deal with NBCUniversal. Since then, the latter has therefore the rights to broadcast the franchise, which is not the case with Disney +It does not matter if you are looking for something.

As a result of this missed meeting, none of the 8 Harry Potter films are accessible from the Walt Disney platform, and they probably never will be.

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