guide to add new fonts and download for free

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To install fonts on Windows, you just need to download source a page, unzip the file, double click and pressTo install”. Fonts are the different types or styles of letters that you can choose from when writing text in Word. Portion for generate different impacts depending on the objective This arises, for example, can be used to invite a special celebration or to make a formal presentation.

The most common are Times New Roman, Arial, comic Sans, Calibri, among others. In fact, for academic or professional presentations, it is important to use formal fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman. On the other hand, if the work is free and creative, you will have the freedom to choose a different and italic typeface like Lucida Calligraphy. Therefore, this article details all available methods to install fonts in Windows.

You have 4 fully functional methods to download and install fonts on Windows in a practical way. Then you will observe the steps you need to follow to install the fonts quick, Manual, using the control panel Where via the Microsoft Store.


This method is really easy to apply since it suffices to perform the steps that will be mentioned then:

  1. Download the source of any recommended page.
  2. right click on the file and press “Extract here”.
  3. Open the file and double click on the .ttf file.How to Quickly Install Fonts in Windows Step 3
  4. Then press the “To install“It will appear in the window.How to Quickly Install Fonts in Windows Step 4
  5. Once installed, just go to Word and search for the font name.How to Quickly Install Fonts in Windows Step 5


You also have the method of add new font in Windows manually. To do so, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the font and paste it on the desktop.
  2. Press right click and choose “Extract here”. You will notice that two documents will appear. One with the name of the font and one that says “Read Me!”
  3. Now, open a file and copy this command to the address bar: “% windir% fonts”(Without quotes). This way you will access the C: WindowsFonts path.How to manually install fonts in Windows step 3
  4. Then, drag the font to the folderFonts“That you will have opened on the screen and the font will be ready to use.”How to manually install fonts in Windows step 5

Using the control panel

Another alternative that you can use for adding fonts to Windows is done through the control panel. To do this, follow the procedure detailed below:

  1. Simultaneously press the “Win + R”. Writing “control Panel“And press”Enter”.How to install fonts in Windows using Control Panel step 1
  2. Writing “Sourcesin the search engine located in the Upper right corner.How to install fonts in Windows using Control Panel step 2
  3. Hurry “View installed fonts”.How to install fonts in Windows using Control Panel step 3
  4. The file of “Character font“And you will only have to drag, copy or paste the .ttf file into this folder.

Via the Microsoft Store

If you have Windows 10, you have another feasible technique to install fonts in Windows from the Microsoft Store. If you want to use this method, perform the following steps:

  1. Simultaneously press the buttonsWin + I”. You will go directly to the “Setting”.
  2. Click on “Customization”.How to install fonts in Windows from the Microsoft Store step 2
  3. To choose “Sources”.How to install fonts in Windows from the Microsoft Store step 3
  4. Click on “Get more fonts in the Microsoft Store”.How to install fonts in Windows from the Microsoft Store step 4
  5. Click on the font of your choice then press the “To have”.How to install fonts in Windows from the Microsoft Store step 5
  6. Once installed, open a Word document and check if the font has been downloaded correctly.

To delete a font in Windows, all you have to do is open the “Fonts” folder. To do this, you can enter this path in the address bar of the folder: % windir% fonts. Now you just have to click on the font you want to remove. A series of options will be activated in which you will have to choose “To delete”.

How to remove a font in Windows

If you accidentally deleted a font or the ones you downloaded are causing you trouble, you can reset default fonts Windows 10. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Press at the same time “Win + R”And writes“control Panel”. Hurry “Enter”.
  2. In the Search Control Panel, Enter “Sources”.
  3. Click on “Change font settings”.
  4. Hurry “Restore default font settings”.How to reset default fonts in Windows step 4

Sites for downloading fonts

Pages to download Da Font fonts
Once you have explained the methods available to install the fonts, you will see a list of the best websites to download fonts for Windows 10:

  • DaFont: To over 200 fully downloadable fonts and compatible with Windows system, moreover, you can get the platform in Spanish, English, German, Italian, French and Portuguese. Click on this link to access their web portal.
  • Police squirrel: its interface is in English, but it can be translated with the browser. Plus, it has tags and filters to correctly locate the filter you need. To download one of its sources, enter the following link.
  • Google Fonts: they are downloadable fonts designed by google. The platform is in English, but you can translate it using the browser. Tap this link to access their fonts.
  • Fontfreak: its interface is obsolete but has recognized game fonts. Click on this link to access your web platform.

As you have seen, the process of install fonts in Windows 10 it won’t take you a long time. Including, you have several procedures So you can choose the one which is the fastest and easiest according to your performance on the computer.

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